"Curiosity - not a vice!" Or more search queries that under no circumstances should you drive in to Google

Bad news, people! On the Internet you can find not only pictures of cute kittens, half-naked girls and a video where any regular blogger mortally insulted the feelings of believers. In fact, in this world of your garbage, which some even unknowingly called spider web, store terabytes completely vile, disgusting and sickening information, which is usually denoted by the collective term "shock-content" in the modern world.

And now the news is even worse. Certainly, the vast majority of our readers have any little bit of a strange one, which can easily decide what to play a trick on you, offering to score in the search engine string some perfectly innocent request, and then observe your reaction will be extremely witty.

So, since we are very concerned about the mental health of our readers, we have compiled a small list of search queries that you can never drive at Google.

Never hear, never, under any circumstances ... damn, man, well, that's why you now did it?

"Nikki Catsouras Death Photographs"

Query "post-mortem photos Nikki Katsuras" is in itself nothing portends well, but just in case we do decide to include it in our article. The girl, who is depicted in the picture above, in October 2006, the death was broken in an accident, without the permission of jumping behind the wheel of Porsche his father. The accident turned out, to put it mildly, unpleasant, and what was left of Nikki, shattered on the roadway a few meters around the machine.

I do not know what prompted the police, who photographed the scene, merge the resulting "meat" in the internet pictures, but relatives of the girls have not been able to ensure that the remains of the photos were removed from public access. In general, if you're not a maniac, which starts to look at the mangled body of a young girl does not drive in a request "Nikki Catsouras Death Photographs" into a search engine under any circumstances.

"Brian Peppers"

Photos of the late man named Brian Peppers leaked to the network after in 1998 he was arrested by Ohio police, and immediately became the Internet something very "black" memchika an amateur. Brian was arrested and tried for indecent behavior in a public place (since the article "very, very indecent behavior, Lord, help me to RAZVIDET" expressly provided was not in the US criminal code).

In general, some Web parts are still ongoing heated debate on what kind of disease could do with a man like that, but if you do not want to accidentally choke on the coffee and die, not having to clean for a browser history, photos Handsome this is still better not to look.

"4 Girls Finger Paint"

In contrast to the two previous cases, this is quite deliberate and purposeful podkolka calculated that the average inhabitant of the Internet space is unlikely to expect any lazhi on video with a cute name "4 girls draw with your fingers." A mess there, and even some.

This video has become a sort of "sequel" another shock viral video called "2 Girls 1Cup", which depicted two comely young ladies, using each other as, uh, as it were, so to speak, a small portable dry closet. In general, the paint just four girls in the continuation of the roller guess nobody will be working with such a scenario.

And yes, the place for vomiting in this wonderful short film is also found, so if you do not want to repeat the fate of hundreds of other users who have already earned a trauma, it is best not to Google.

"Blue Waffle"

If you have SafeSearch turned on, you can not worry, for "blue waffle" Google really will give you pictures of wafers with blueberries, well, really blue waffle pictures of "Photoshop". But if safe search you still not worth it, you will never, do you hear, never in my life did not drive in these two words into the search engine.

The pictures, which have caused irreparable damage to the psyche of hundreds of thousands of users around the world, depicted nude female sexual organs, greatly eroded some unknown, but it seems very neglected and unpleasant infection. Since determine what kind of woman is embodied in the photographs, and what she was ill, and nobody failed, began to say that this is just another fake that, in other, less nauseous these images by no means does.

"Kids in a Sandbox"

Another disgusting shock-video with a deceptively sweet name "The kids in the sandbox" - it is a dream of any network troll. If anyone still naive enough to be zaguglit, you will see on the screen as part of a couple of men and women in the midst of a prelude to sexual intercourse. So far nothing we've seen all the porn, but then the video takes an unexpected turn.

The lady on the record takes a huge dildo sizes and starts with the power to push it into the urethra of the partner. Tin? Tin. So tell me thank you for it just read, not seen with my own eyes.