Bill Gates spoke with users of Reddit

Bill Gates spoke with users of Reddit

One of the richest people on the planet, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates regularly enter into a public dialogue with the users of the portal Reddit. February 27, he held a regular session of the AMA (Ask Me Anything), during which, among other things, argued with the users about the benefits of cryptocurrency, spoke about the project Elon Musk Hyperloop and chances to run for US president, and told what their with his wife Charity fund and what kind of food he likes to cook himself.

Members interested in a variety of relevant topics, and the billionaire not depart from the answer even on frivolous or humorous questions. Here are for you the most interesting moments of the debate.

On Labor automation

Against the background of the recent increase in discussions about the automation of labor and, in particular, the role of the artificial intelligence, one of the members asked about how the economy will change in the coming years.

"How, in your opinion, the automation will impact on our economy in the next 10-20 years?"

"Automation has moved forward since the productivity of the industrial revolution. Information technology will only accelerate this process, so we need to think about how to prepare people for new jobs. Overall, automation - it's great, because soon we will be able to work a lot less than it is today, but until such a future will have to wait at least a generation. "

Bill Gates spoke with users of Reddit

About cryptocurrency

The billionaire also negatively spoke about cryptocurrency, provoking a barrage of criticism from users.

"A distinctive feature of cryptocurrency - in the anonymity they provide. And I do not think that is good. The government's ability to track money laundering, tax evasion and financial activities of terrorists - and rightly so. Cryptocurrency also allow trade in drugs - it is generally uncommon for technology! But speculation about ICO and purchase digital currencies is extremely risky for investors. "

Many people are outraged by such an assessment, and to object to Gates, they declined to comment on his post on Twitter, where he announced his session on Reddit.

"So, on cryptocurrency people buy drugs? And for dollars and the euro, which had never bought? Should not blame the entire system due to the low marginal niche. "

How Telegram Channel Crypto Post notes, it is noteworthy that before Bill Gates spoke about cryptocurrency exclusively in a positive way, and Microsoft has even begun in 2014 to make Bitcoin for a number of their products and services. According to the channel view, such a change in judgment can talk about billionaire cautious in his statements and unwillingness to spoil relations with major financial institutions.

Bill Gates spoke with users of Reddit

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates

About presidential ambitions and charity

In response to a question about possible presidential ambitions, Bill Gates said he was not interested in participating in the presidential race. He believes that citizens should rely more on their initiative and be private efforts to change things for the better, but do not count on anyone's participation in politics. He cited the example of his charity work with his wife in their mutual funds, "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation." "I'm too busy with what we're doing with Melinda in our fund and beyond. Yes, the government can do a lot, but small groups of citizens, too, can effectively solve the social problems of poverty and education. "

Bill Gates spoke with users of Reddit

Elon Musk - founder of Tesla and Space X company, creator of the project Hyperloop

About Hyperloop Elon Musk

Foundation Bill & Melinda known for his charitable contributions to the study of the problems of diseases, and education. Another user criticized the Family Foundation, said that he pays little attention to transport infrastructure in poor countries, which plays a key role in solving economic and social problems.

In response, the billionaire said that the private sector can address this problem more effectively, and in response negatively praised the high-profile project Hyperloop Tesla founder Elon Musk:

"I believe that a great role in solving this problem will play electric vehicles and unmanned management. However, I do not understand the meaning of Hyperloop - make the system safe is extremely difficult. "

Bill Gates spoke with users of Reddit

About his future to

"What are the three main goals you set for yourself today?"

"In working with the Fund - the overcoming of child mortality and malnutrition and the fight against infantile paralysis. In terms of innovation, I would call the search for new energy sources and new methods of education. As for my family - it is important for me that my children well prepared for college and enjoy it. Oh, it seems I have called more than three - and have not even mentioned his ambitions in the game of tennis! "

Bill Gates spoke with users of Reddit

Bill Gates in his youth

The answers to users' questions ridiculous

"What do you like to eat?"

"I try not to do - force myself to stay away from the nuts and M & M's - I'm afraid that I can not control myself."

"It happens that you wake up and just made myself a sandwich with peanut butter? Or do you have for such cases the servants? "

"Sometimes I do myself tomato soup - it reminds me of a youth, when I myself was preparing their own meals. And I do not like sandwiches. "

"How would your life change if you were named Gill Bates?"

"And why this issue is so popular? I take this opportunity to convey greetings to all Gillam! You probably rarely encounter people with the same name as you, than me. In general, I do not think my name had any special impact on my life. By the way, my full name - William. "

Bill Gates spoke with users of Reddit