Celebrities, who grew up in children's homes

• Celebrities who grew up in orphanages

Let's talk about the stars who grew up fatherless and were still able to succeed. Their example shows that you can achieve everything. The main thing - to believe.

Celebrities, who grew up in children's homes

Stanislav Sadalsky

The actor, 66 years old

Celebrities, who grew up in children's homes

Stanislav Sadalsky born August 8, 1951 in a family of teachers in Chuvashia Yury Prokopenko Sadalsky and Nina. In 1958 he had a younger brother, Sergei. The family lived in poverty, in the dorm, my father raised his hand to his wife and children. After yet another beating Sadalsky mother died. The father did not want to deal with the education of the sons and gave them to a boarding school. Since then, they hardly saw each other. Stanislav was 12 years old.

The boarding Stanislav Sadalsky first appeared on the scene. He played Signor tomatoes in "The Adventures of Chipollino". After the speech Sadalsky had a great desire to become an actor. After graduating from boarding school, he went to Moscow and filed documents in the Shchukin Theater School, but do not succeeded because of malocclusion. Sadalsky went to Yaroslavl, and got a job at the engine plant.

He returned to Moscow in 1969 and submitted his documents to the State Institute of Theatrical Art - this time successfully. The actor's film debut took place in a year: he played the role of Vlad Sergeev in the melodrama, "City first love" in 1970.

In 1991, Stanislav Sadalsky lost brother. He was in a car accident along with actor Alexander Shurygin. Sergei died in hospital 20 days later.

Yuri Shatunov

Musician, former lead singer of the group "Tender May", 44 years old

Celebrities, who grew up in children's homes

Parents Shatunova were very young, when he was born. Father Vasily Klimenko 23 years, and Faith Shatunova was 18. His father showed no interest in the child and young mother gave her son his name, though the pair was married. Shatunov childhood spent with his grandmother on his mother's side. When he was three years old, her parents divorced. The mother took the Jura home and began his education. Soon, she married for the second time. Shatunova husband suffered from alcoholism, Jura began to run out of the house to stay with relatives, often - to the grandmother.

He was 11 years old when his mother revealed heart failure. Shatunova of the school was transferred to a boarding school. There he learned about the death of his mother. Stepfather sent the boy to the education of Aunt Nina Gavrilovna, but Yuri went often run away from home, wandering on Bashkortostan and the Orenburg region.

Jura soon became a pupil of the boarding school in Orenburg, where he met with the head of the circle of amateur Sergei Kuznetsov. Kuznetsov was looking for a provider to their songs. Rods proved to be the ideal candidate. Soon there was a group of "Tender May".

Members of the group and its producer Andrey Razin has repeatedly tried to draw the article "incitement to suicide": young school girls across the country cut the vein of love for Yura Shatunova. According to some reports, 20, a fan managed to bring our plans to the end. Another fan committed suicide after a failed attack on Andrei Razin. But the great response received story of a girl who died in a transformer box against electric shock. Fan, pursued the group during the tour, decided to hide in the booth and wait to musicians.


Singer, 1900-1973

Celebrities, who grew up in children's homes

Ruslanova was born into a poor peasant family. His father worked as a stevedore at the pier and maintained the family with three children. After the beginning of Russian-Japanese War, he was taken to the front. Mother stayed with the children, the sick and the blind mother-in-law. She worked in a brick factory where overstrained and died. Lydia was only six years old. At the same time, from the front it is notified that the father is missing.

Worries about the family lay on the Lydia and blind grandmother. They went to Saratov, singing and begging. Performances were a success. Lydia was even invited to sing in a rich merchant's house. A year later, my grandmother died.

Three orphans staged in different orphanages. Lydia was sent to the best Saratov shelter and took the soloist in the children's choir.

Once Lydia saw her father - he died. But they had to pretend that they do not know each other. If it turned out that Lydia is not an orphan, she would be expelled from the shelter. His father could not feed their children. The following winter he had a cold, fell ill with pneumonia and died in a hospital for the poor.

After the shelter Ruslanova worked in a furniture factory. During the Great Patriotic War, he sang songs in front. After the war, the actress and her husband, Major General Vladimir Kryukov, was arrested and charged in the "anti-Soviet propaganda" and "looting and appropriation of property captured on a large scale." Released from prison, the couple only after Stalin's death.

September 21, 1973 Ruslanova died of a heart attack. She suffered several heart attacks. The singer was buried in the Novodevichy cemetery next to her husband.

Nikolay Hubenko

Actor, director and screenwriter, 76 years old

Celebrities, who grew up in children's homes

Hubenko Nicholas was born in the first year of the war in the catacombs of Odessa. His father died at the front before he was born. Mother amuse in 1942 for refusing to cooperate with the German occupiers. Orphaned five children. Four took neighbors and little Kolya left with my grandparents on the maternal side. But money is not enough, and in 1947 identified the grandfather Nicholas orphanage. Then the boy was transferred to the Suvorov military school. It was assumed that he would become an officer-translator. However, he was prepared for a different fate.

Nicholas graduated Hubenko immediately cast and VGIK. In 1992 he became director of the theater "The Commonwealth of Taganka Actors". From 1989 to 1991 he was the Minister of Culture of the USSR.

He is married to actress Jeanne Bolotov. Children have no pair.

Nina Ruslanova

The actress, 72 years old

Celebrities, who grew up in children's homes

In the late winter of 1945 two-month Nina Ruslanova planted on the threshold of children's homes. To adulthood, she had five children's homes, and after she graduated from college with a degree in construction "Plasterer".

In 1969 Ruslanova went to Moscow and entered the pike. Actress served Vakhtangov Theater, and the theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky.

The actress has a daughter and a grandson Olesya Kostya.