Five large-scale air crashes

• Five large-scale air crashes

plane crashes are rare, but the scale of such accidents are fatal. Within minutes, hundreds of people are dying, and they often do not have any chance of escape. Cases where a person has survived in the crash airliners are rare and cause a massive outcry.

Five large-scale air crashes

Tenerife: the most ambitious air disaster in world history

The largest number of victims of the air crash occurred March 27, 1977 on the island of Tenerife. According to an absurd accident right on the runway Canarian Los Rodeos Airport was a fatal collision of two Boeing 747: the American airline Pan Am and the Dutch KLM. Terrible accident claimed the lives of 583 people. Survivors were much smaller - only 61 Pan Am flight passengers, among whom were the captain and co-pilot and flight engineer.

Five large-scale air crashes

The main cause of Incidents called bad weather conditions, due to which disrupted radio contact with the pilots. Command of the Boeing was unable to correctly interpret the instructions of air traffic controller, and almost did not hear each other. The situation was aggravated heavy fog that reduced visibility to a hundred meters.

Five large-scale air crashes

As a result of these absurd coincidences both liner appeared almost simultaneously on the same runway. Moving toward each other, the pilots did not have the physical ability to assess the full picture. The first to take off left Boeing KLM airlines, and only at that moment he saw the plane move towards Pan Am. The pilot tried to pull the airplane off the ground to avoid a collision, but the distance for maneuver was inadequate. Liners at full speed collided "head-on". the force of impact was so great that the aircraft KLM made a huge hole in the fuselage of Pan Am. After that he fell to the runway and burst into flames. The fire killed all those inside. In the second plane miraculously survived some passengers.

Japan: in a collision with a ridge survived 4 person

August 12, 1985 aviakrushenie happened, the number of victims of a little less than a catastrophe in Tenerife. Boeing Japan Airlines Japan Airlines flew on its Tokyo-Osaka route standard. After 12 minutes after takeoff had serious technical problems, which result completely pulled keel. Team more than an hour trying to stabilize the aircraft, but their attempts were unsuccessful. Airliner lost control and crashed into a mountain range near Mount Fuji.

Five large-scale air crashes

The disaster claimed the lives of 520 people. Four passengers survived, and it was perceived not only as a miracle. The Japanese government has conducted a formal investigation, during which experts have determined the causes of the crash. By the tragedy caused neglect of maintenance personnel, which at the planned works made critical errors.

Sinai Peninsula: mass death of Russian citizens in the attack LIH

The biggest crash of Egypt and Russia was wrecked Airbus A320 aircraft over the Sinai Peninsula 31 October 2015. 23 minutes after take-off radars stopped to fix a charter ship, which was heading to St. Petersburg from Sharm El-Sheikh. And soon after that military aircraft of Egypt discovered its remains in the mountains near the town of Nekhel. From a collision with the ground plane is completely destroyed and its parts were scattered over an area of ​​30 km. Survivors among the 224 people did not have.

Five large-scale air crashes

In the first days after the incident, the responsibility for the events took over the organization banned in Russia LIH. The investigation confirmed the information about the attack: Airbus A320 crashed because of an improvised explosive device, concealed in the tail section. It was quietly laid to unknown persons and disguised as a heap of luggage and prams. Suspected of a crime is not revealed.

Among the passengers were 25 children of different ages, including a girl of 10 months. Later, she became a symbol of the tragedy, and many foreign edition rastirazhirovali her photograph taken the day before traveling parents.

Five large-scale air crashes

10-month-old Darin Gromov - the smallest passenger Airbus A320.

France crash in Ermenonville claimed the lives of 346 people

The collapse of the Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines has received universal resonance as a "plane crash in Ermenonville." Technological errors in the design of the cargo door led to the death of 346 people.

Five large-scale air crashes

3 March 1974 airliner McDonnell Douglas DC-10 took off from Paris airport in Istanbul, and then had to fly to London. However, tragedy struck after six minutes after going off the air. As soon as the plane gained altitude of 3500 meters, it was discovered failure of the locking mechanism in the hatchway of the cargo compartment. Because of this, it shot off and began an explosive decompression of the cabin, which is put out of action all control systems. Successfully land a DC-10 in such a situation it was not possible: only fifteen minutes later he dived at high speed into the woods Ermenonville and caught fire.

In India, the collision of aircraft led to the death of 349 people

November 12, 1996 there was an air collision Kazakh airliner Il-76TD and Arab Boeing 747. The disaster claimed the lives of all 349 passengers who were inside both cars. Accident recognized by the largest number of fatalities in collisions in the air.

Five large-scale air crashes

In this disaster people did not have any chance to survive: air traffic controller did not recognize the command, a Kazakh Ilyushin-76TD sharply reduced height and at a speed of 500 km / h rammed fuselage of the Boeing 747, which was flying towards him. After the collision, Boeing immediately broke apart in the air still. IL-76TD survived, but lost control and fell to the ground, too.

One of the causes of the disaster are called not only fault of the crew, but also the lack of ships collision avoidance system.