Laws irresistibility

Laws irresistibility

1) See her / him in the eye

In the course of two psychological experiments, participants were required to look into the eyes of the perfect strangers of the opposite sex, not taking his eyes for two minutes. It turned out that after such contact people seem much more attractive to each other.

2) Relationships do not develop? Talk about a journey, not a movie.

After talking about the movie came a desire to meet again in less than nine percent of study participants. In those cases, the number of such pairs is doubled when the topic of conversation was the journey.

3) Do you want to look more attractive?

How long does it take to understand that a person is good? Thirteen milliseconds. It is not joke.

To accurately calculate how soon we can determine whether we like someone or not, neuroscientists Olson and Christy Marshuets conducted such an experiment:

They showed men and women of several persons - ordinary and surprisingly beautiful, and asked to rate their degree of attractiveness. The trick is that the participants of the faces flashed so quickly that every shot had to 13 milliseconds. At this rate, and consider nothing impossible. Nevertheless, participants rated entity (which, as they said, did not have time to see) is incredibly accurate. So you do not have much time to make an impression, but something that you can do:

Beauty sleep - it really helps.

Red clothing. No matter who you are - male or female. Red will add you points.

Men - lift the chin. Women - slightly lower chin.

4) Forget boring dinner at a restaurant. Invent something pooriginalnee.

What can help the couple, who have lived for a long time married, to revive their relationship? Scientists claim that the best way - to go through with something exciting.

Scientists have conducted a 10-week study in which couples to provide a pleasant and tranquil pastime or exciting adventure. The Adventures won.

Why so strong emotions have a positive effect on the relationship? Because our subconscious does not really know much, because of what we have quickened heartbeat. If we start to worry, no matter for what reason, this excitement will be associated with us to a man who at that moment was close. Even if our excitement did not matter to him / her in any way.

And yet - the good moments are more powerful than the bad. Therefore, how you celebrate, it is much more important than how you quarrel.

5) What to give?

Studies have shown that there is the best solution - do not try to be original, but simply to give people what he wants, but he himself never dare to spend money.

6) Ask the right questions

Psychologist at New York University's Arthur Aron conducted its own research to find the best way to establish a quick and deep contact between people. It turned out that the best way - to ask the "right" questions.

During the experiment, Aron asked men and women who had never before seen each other, to talk for an hour. Trying to achieve the degree of intimacy, which usually develops months or even years, he wrote a list of 36 questions. Among them were, for example, are as follows:

- If you had the opportunity to dine with absolutely anyone, who would you choose?

- Would you like to be famous? In what field?

- Before you make an important call, you ever rehearse?

- If you could live up to 90 years, while maintaining a sharpness of mind or body of a young, what would you choose?

- Who do you most thankful?

It turned out that by asking the right questions for about an hour is really possible to establish such a contact, which will be even stronger than the relationship, folding over the years.