"I was not drunk! Or was it? ". A couple of cautionary tales about the most stupid drunken mistakes that flew in sickly penny

Let's be honest. After drinking a few extra glasses, each of us from time to time he does things, which later regret. Indeed, the process of raking the consequences of his drunken escapades is often full of unpleasant and annoying surprises.

Only here sometimes stupidity committed in a drunken head, are much more impressive scale. And indeed, having touched too much, some separately taken people turn into a real a walking disaster, and it is about these comrades and we will tell you in our today's article.

So, we present you a selection of the most stupid and idiotic drunken mistakes that took off our "prospirtovannym genius" in a very sickly expensive.

"Herringbone, burn!" - 11 thousand dollars worth of damage

When the drunken youth gathers a large company, this is clearly no good promises. This rule clearly confirms case of 19-year-old guy from Australia named Isaac Hartley Simpson, who had drunk a little too much on Christmas Eve and decided to make a lasting impression on their no less "sober" buddies. In general, our hero had not thought of anything better than to try to climb up to the main Christmas tree of the city the cost of just over 11 thousand dollars.

Needless to say, poor tree could not bear the weight of a drunken idiot, and all of this wonderful composition triumphantly flew down. Sam Hartley Simpson got off a couple of bruises and scratches, but the Christmas tree for 11 thousand at. e., according to the municipal workers, "it was completely destroyed beyond recovery."

whiskey, guns and swimming without panties - 50 thousand dollars worth of damage

One sunny summer days three "active recreation" by the name of Steven Schwinkendorf, Edgar Reyes and Trenton Sargent decided to frolic in one of the national parks of Nevada, not stopped the guys even imposing castle on the reserve gate. Harmful piece of iron, blocking the path to happiness, smashed into small pieces a couple of shots from a shotgun. Undermine the cherished nature, Stephen Edgar and Trenton decided iskupnutsya in the pond, the village is very rare endangered species of fish - Death Valley pupfish.

As expected, the trio left for a "magic trail" from vomiting, broken bottles and even a few pairs of dirty underwear and, most sadly, during his drunken swimming managed to kill one unlucky minnows, which already left in the world no more than 115 pieces. In total, the park officials estimated the damage caused by drunken idiots, about 50 thousand US dollars. And besides, the poor fish is already not return.

"Look at me, I'm a pirate!" - 88 thousand dollars worth of damage

In 2012, the 50-year-old Englishwoman Alison Whelan spent a stormy night in the company of alcohol and drugs, and then decided to try on the difficult fate of Captain Jack Sparrow. Woman (attention!) Hijacked a passenger ferry with hundreds of people on board and shouting "Look at me, I'm a pirate! I'm Captain Jack Sparrow! "Started to cut it" aerobatics "along the coast.

During his "little river adventure" the woman managed to smash into smithereens dorogushchy catamaran and a few boats that were on a nearby dock. The total damage amounted to 88 thousand dollars.

"Send to a fool to pray to God ..." - 100 thousand dollars worth of damage

When one fine evening, New Yorkers heard a suspiciously loud noises coming from a pretty old church in the East Village, and called 911, arrived on the scene the police could hardly imagine the scale of destruction that have opened in front of them, worth they cross the threshold of the building.

As it turned out, the whole "Destry" gave a drunk, but very devout Catholic named Michael Torres, who decided that a church closed door will not prevent him to talk heart to heart with Jesus. A man with his feet planted door of the building, broke the door frame and on the road at the same time inadvertently snagged and smashed 14 wooden statues of the Virgin Mary, some of which at the time of destruction turned a little more than 100 years. In total, the desire to mingle with drunken Michael Church of God there were 100 thousand US dollars.

"Drunk trader - the barrel is not the master" - $ 10 million damage to

And here it is, our winner today, the stock trader Stephen Perkins, who in one night managed alone spend more than $ 520 million, causing losses to 10 million and raise global oil prices to a record high in the last 8 months.

Pretty kick, Steve, who worked for the company "PVM", decided not to be penny wise and bought a couple of hours more than 7 million barrels of oil, which, by the standards of the then situation, meant a complete and devastating financial disaster. Although Steve authorities to make every effort to cancel the failed deal to return everything as it was, they did not manage that, perhaps, make the unfortunate decision to Perkins' most expensive drunken mistake in the history of mankind.