"Love at first sight" or a few stories about how people fall in love is not in love with someone and into something. Part 1

Oh, the wonderful world! On the one hand, homosexuals, that and strive to corrupt our children and sow in their minds no prescription of God, and the cursed sodomy; On the other hand, the TV, wherever and do that every depravity twist all day. How to live in this terrible and vicious world?

Well, to the seat of some are now even more inflamed, we decided to tell you, our dear readers, stories about some people who frankly do not care about the laws and someone's there opinion. So, we present you a sincere story about love at first sight.

Lauren Adkins

In any film, which is mainly designed for a teenage audience, almost always there is the main character, handsome, who steals the hearts of all those who look at it. As a rule, the passion of girls who were crazy about a particular character in the film, passes with time, because their horizon emerges already quite a real boy, who gives flowers and leads to the dining room. But our heroine Lauren Adkins was not interested in reality. When a teenager she began to read the famous romance novels by Stephenie Meyer, devoted love between a vampire and a girl, she literally fell in love with the main heartthrob of many, namely, Edward Cullen.

This handsome won the hearts of many people, but they just Adkins became obsessed. When the novel began to film, the role of the main heartthrob vampire Robert Pattinson took. Of course, Lauren decided to watch a movie with his participation, and after seeing her obsession moved from the image of Edward Cullen's book to the screen. At some point, Adkins realized that the screen vampire - it's her dream; the best man, with whom she would spend the rest of his life. She did not want to let go of their fantasies, but on the contrary, in every possible way, "fueled" them.

She did not want to admit that for her "great" Edward, there is a simple actor, who has his own life, does not imply the existence of our heroine. Rather than accept the stark reality, Adkins bought a cardboard copy of Edward's life-size, and married her husband. The wedding took place in 2014 in a small chapel "Viva Las Vegas". 50 guests witnessed the wedding of 25-year-old girl and cardboard Image star of "Twilight." Adkins and her "husband cardboard" honeymooned in Los Angeles.

Richard Torres

A very well-known conservationist definitely surpassed my colleagues, starting literally from the trees to marry "a great love for the environment." Richard Torres from Peru went to a very interesting and at the same time strange act because he wanted to draw attention to environmental issues. It all began in 2013, when Torres first time married to a tree in his native Peru. Already a few months later, the man decided to do the same, only with a different tree. The ceremony took place in a public park in Buenos Aires.

Torres gave his oath of eternal love, put on the ring and kissed the tree to secure the love union. Richard married another tree a year in Bogota, Colombia. During the ceremony, Torres asked the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to stop the war and start planting trees. In 2016, Torres married cypress trees in Mexico. Wood known as Tula or Arbolit del Tula is one of the oldest trees in the world. Renowned conservationist still continues to marry the trees to attract attention to his real reason for these actions. His last marriage was to a tree in Guatemala. Come on, my friends, do not dissemble, many of us will ever get married on a log.

Carol Santa Fe

Carol Santa Fe was just nine years old when she met the love of his life. After 36 years of adoration, lust and all-consuming love Carol still was married with "Daydra", and it happened in 2015. "Daydra" - a railway station in San Diego. Carol every day spends 45 minutes with his beloved. She comes to the railroad station and talks about his day and what her plans for the future. By the way, the woman can also have sex with her "sweetheart".

In an interview, Carol told me that there is one at the station a secluded place, where it touches the "Daydre" and feels that she answered her kisses, embraces and takes all sorts of courtship. The woman says, "Daydra" very romantic and loves life. Carol does not want to deal with the physical sex to the train station, because it is a public place, and she wants to be respectful not only to his beloved, but also to those who visit it.

The woman is doing its best to hide the fact that she was talking to, and pressed against the "Daydre" because he wants to hide their true feelings and, as recognized by Carol, in fact, their shy.