Life is the only immortal beings of the Earth

• Life is the only immortal being of the Earth

Medieval bestiary offer us a theoretical explanation of the nature of every living being. Wild animals symbolize different aspects of human nature: the fox - cunning and deceitful, a dove - a symbol of peace, and the wolf stands for war.

Raised there and sea creatures. Leviathans, dolphins, sea unicorns - mythical animals are endowed with all sorts of properties, but none possesses immortality. Meanwhile, on Earth, there really is only one kind, that is able to live forever. Meet: Turritopsis dohrnii, immortal jellyfish!

Life is the only immortal beings of the Earth

What it is

Shallow jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii dome has a diameter of 4 to 5 mm. Actually, this type can be called a certain kind of zooplankton, with whom he prefers to migrate jellyfish. Scientists first discovered Turritopsis dohrnii at the beginning of this century, as a few years ago came to a surprising conclusion: it can live forever.

Life is the only immortal beings of the Earth

Where dwells

Kind was born in the Caribbean, but long ago spread to virtually the entire globe. Turritopsis dohrnii found in the Mediterranean, and the Japanese coast. Scientists from the Smithsonian Marine Institute said half-jokingly, that this jellyfish - the beginning of a space invasion. In every joke, of course, there is some joke: the second of such an organism on Earth simply does not exist.

Life is the only immortal beings of the Earth


It is important to understand that we are not talking about the absolute immortality. Destroy such a small creature simple. However, this kind of knows something that can no longer repeat one. Any other type of jellyfish live up to several months: Turritopsis dohrnii, getting in adverse conditions, just return to the very first stage of its development.

Life is the only immortal beings of the Earth

Technical explanation of

At this stage, the jellyfish stop growing canopy and tentacles. Instead, the body Turritopsis dohrnii acquires processes, which grow feeding polyps. Roughly speaking, if Turritopsis dohrnii feels that life rolls on inclined - it just comes back to my childhood, to try again.

Plans scientists

It is too early to talk about at least some benefits that may bring to our mind the immortal Turritopsis dohrnii. However, Kyoto University, scientists are already trying to identify the gene that allows jellyfish to return to the original state. If it succeeds, then, theoretically, the genetic modification may be subjected to the man. As you return to the kindergarten as a way out of difficult situations?