"Lyubov Orlova": missing Soviet cruise liner

• "Lyubov Orlova": missing Soviet cruise liner

The Legend of lost ships, which for years wandering in the ocean, there is no number. Such stories are full of mysticism and similar to the script for a horror movie. However, in addition to flying ghost ships and other bloodcurdling tales, there are real facts, when sailors encountered in the open ocean with the ship, which was not a soul. One of these mystical drifting vessels - a cruise liner, "Lyubov Orlova".

Drifting ships have always been a danger to navigation. It would seem that in the era of GPS-systems missing ships should not be in principle. But the example of the ship "Lyubov Orlova" proved the opposite: in January 2013 airliner disappeared from radar and since then, most likely, drifting somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

The fate of the ship "Lyubov Orlova", named after the legendary Soviet actress, there was sad. The ship was built in Yugoslavia in 1976, he was the first in the Soviet Navy, and after the collapse of the USSR has passed for use abroad. The airliner went on an expedition to the Antarctic, and later - in the Arctic. Due to the small capacity of passengers (only 200 people) and a large fuel consumption sightseeing flights were unprofitable, and in the 2010s it became known that the owner of the ship for debts forced to give "Lyubov Orlova" for scrap. To this end, the liner had to be towed from the Canadian port (where he spent two years stood idle) in the Dominican Republic. During towing because of the outbreak of severe storms cables were broken, and the ship went to the free navigation in Canadian banks.

Unstoppable ship represented a danger to oil platforms, so the authorities of Canada have decided to bring it in neutral waters. From that moment on, "Lyubov Orlova" was the ghost ship, the cost of which is estimated at about 800 thousand dollars.

According to many experts, the ship poses a threat to the environment. Firstly, on board is much toxic liquids and, secondly, there may be hundreds of rats vectors of various diseases, which in the absence of provisions devour each other. So whether it's really hard to say.

According to the Coastguard Ireland, in March 2013 to 700 miles off the coast was fixed navigation signal from an unknown vessel. It was supposed to be the liner "Lyubov Orlova", began the search operation, which lasted three months. Careful search was a relative success - it was found lost the Spanish fishing vessel. The question of where drifting "Lyubov Orlova" is still open.

enthusiasts and modern treasure hunters do not lose hope to find a ghost ship and fabulously rich. However, if the ship is still afloat, it is very dangerous for the navigation of ships, since it does not work any alarm system. Skeptics, on the other hand, believe that the ghost ship has long been at the bottom of the Atlantic. Interestingly, the autumn of 2017 the British media published the news that the ship was allegedly found in the coast of California. Identify the ship is almost impossible, but the version that the ship overcame the way from the North Atlantic to California passing the Indian and Pacific Ocean, but no one had noticed it sounds doubtful. Most likely, found the remains of one of the riverboat casinos, which drifted illegally in international waters.

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