Interesting facts from the history of men's makeup

Stylist Armin Morbach shocked the whole world, releasing a project in which brutal bearded red lipstick lipstick brands. Half the ladies who saw the photo, food is prepared by all, whatever worked in the frame freckled beauty, the other half is indignant: men zahapali themselves holy. The truth is that throughout human history, including the history of Russia and Europe, men are quite actively use makeup.

Interesting facts from the history of men's makeup

Ancient Egypt

Interesting facts from the history of men's makeup

The ancient Egyptians painted both men and women. Makeup longer differed from people of different classes than between the sexes. For example, eye summed everything. It was believed that this eyeliner drives away evil spirits that cause conjunctivitis. And indeed, having examined and eye coloring, the researchers came to the conclusion that they contain substances that prevent inflammation.

At a time when the constant wind from the desert could lead to incessant conjunctivitis, a make-up was valuable. Not surprisingly, once the workers on the construction of the pyramids went on strike with the threat of rebellion from the fact that they are not brought up in time eyeliner!

The most complex and bright make-up was, of course, the pharaoh and the priests, he obviously had a ritual significance.

The Babylonians, Assyrians and Romans

Interesting facts from the history of men's makeup

Notable Babylonians at some point become mandatory vybelivat person to make the most different from the rough tanned peasants. In addition, they painted their nails black and dorisovyvali eyebrows so that they were connected. All this was not allowed to repeat the commoners.

The ancient Assyrians and Romans often went into battle, summing up his eyebrows and painted her lips red or black. Probably because the person screaming soldier looked terrible for the enemy. In addition, there is a theory of the lovers frikovskaya everything in history to explain their own, that the soldiers were ready to die and advance gave himself a decent burial appearance. Romans themselves did not write, and they knew how to write, loved and practiced.

The Chinese have chosen black

Interesting facts from the history of men's makeup

Painted black lacquer - by the way, making the nails solid - the noble Chinese people in ancient times. They also valued and red lacquer, but Black is still better to be strengthened. Considering how long the nails to grow to know it was true.

Black nails, without any connection with the Chinese and the Babylonians, the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. In general, boys Goths can refer to a long historical tradition in the world among the soldiers.

If the Egyptians figured paint only the eyes, the Chinese pictured mascara eyebrows. And not necessarily black - in the history of the peasant revolt came known as the Revolt Krasnobrovyh. However, what exactly rebels dye eyebrows unclear.

Rather than emphasize the shape of the eyebrows, the Chinese, as rules, drawing new, with value. A particular success enjoyed frowning eyebrows vrazlot that gave the face a formidable appearance.

In addition, the Chinese and the Japanese themselves paint on mustaches and sideburns, for masculinity and attractiveness. These whiskers have grown very liquid and homely, it was easier to pull out and draw again.

Severe Vikings

Interesting facts from the history of men's makeup

The Vikings during their fearsome glory were great mods. They give light weight jewelry and all as one, eyeliner - it noticed their opponents in battle. In addition, many young men in civilian life more rosy and clarified hair alkali - in the Nordic lands were considered beautiful bright blondes. Light Brown between lad and golden-woman picked certainly second.

One of the kings (rulers) Viking went down in history as a special mod - Norwegian Magnus barelegged. Having unfriendly visit to Scotland, he was filled with a local fashion show knees and began to go to the men's skirts, kilt ancestors, constantly. Very combative, incidentally, was the ruler. Scotland has visited more than once.

red fellows

Interesting facts from the history of men's makeup

In pre-Petrine church representatives indignantly denounced men shaving beards and rumyanyaschihsya. They ridiculed them effeminate and accused of homosexuality. We know, however, that the king Basil Third shaved his beard to his young wife to appear younger, so it is unlikely the men adorn themselves only to other men. Ruddy was considered a sign of beauty in both sexes, for example, and who of guys do not want to attract the girls' views?

And in the nineteenth century, slightly brown and dyed hair molodyaschiesya Lovelace, going on the hunt for young ladies. This, however, made fun of.

Gallant age

Interesting facts from the history of men's makeup

In the second half of the eighteenth century painted literally everyone who only could afford it. The ideal of beauty was softness and refinement, but without too much pain. Officers, adventurers with a gun at the ready, and just the representatives of the upper classes powdered face that it seemed noble, ruddy, full of energy to look, eyeliner, when they wanted to make the look more expressive, and more bearded and painted lips - so they do not lose sight of.

Dandies grew their personal locks or worn curly wigs in advance, it's all top thickly sprinkled with sugar. Women stare at the muscular calves encased in white silk stockings, able to elevate any neizyskanno hairy leg.

The era of the pursuit of refinement ended with the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars.

Black seducers

Interesting facts from the history of men's makeup

In a large African nation Fulani greatly appreciated male beauty. Every male among the Fulani can acquire multiple wives, even if not very rich, so women are accustomed to pay attention primarily on the beauty. New wives, young men and men looking for a week during a beauty contest. To participate in the competition guys richly painted: lighten the face, his white lines contoured to the nose and face appear longer and narrower, color and black eyeliner.

In general, a festive make-up they so generous, that is more like a mask. To revive the impression of the face, men make eyes and a wide smile, showing dazzling white teeth. By the way, they are mostly Muslims.

The punks and Goths

Interesting facts from the history of men's makeup

A new round of love for make-up in the European culture flourished with the advent of punk and ready. The difference in their men's make-up is that the first prefer to look epatiruyusche and menacing, and the second - grimly. Trendsetters musicians began in both movements, and sample - stage make-up favorite artists. And punks and Goths prefer black color.

Are you ready to see a number of men in make-up?