What to do in the morning that day wondered

What to do in the morning that day wondered

Only if you're not sure, "bird", the morning for you is hardly a favorite time of the day - especially in the winter, when the sun rises late. We talk about 10 things that should be done before 9 am that day became better.

1. DRINK a glass of water

Experts believe that the water starts in the body metabolic processes. And although not all nutritionists agree with this statement, most would agree that a glass of plain water can quickly cheer up after sleep, perhaps even better than a cup of coffee.

2. DO NOT WATCH TAPE Instagram

More often than not, turn off the alarm, we're coasting open Instagram. But due to the fact that the brain is still asleep, watching the tape is converted into mechanical and mindless activity. Spend the better 10-15 minutes trying to just lie in bed and do something useful - such as charging.

3. To reply to a message or a letter, which was left for later

Admit it, often in the evening we open the message and because of fatigue I think the answer to them later or just ignore them. Unfinished conversation can cause a subconscious feeling of anxiety. Do not let it haunt you all day: Meeting the unread emails and messages right from the morning.

What to do in the morning that day wondered

4. Think of the good that is waiting for you TODAY

It can be a dinner with a friend or a time when you come back in the evening in bed - has set itself the goal of pleasing, and it makes you take throughout the day positively.

5. tucked BED

Much nicer to come in the evening to a clean and tidy bed, than after a hard day's work yet to do cleaning.

6. SMILE first person who will see

Perhaps in the morning and you do not like a very friendly person in the world, but there is no better way to tune in a good way, than to smile the first man whom you see today. This can be your husband, child, parent, neighbor or even a stranger on the street - do not lose your chance to make and even someone's day brighter.

7. Use the special applications for natural awakening

Now, there are many applications that monitor sleep cycles and can wake you up during light sleep phase. Fear that you oversleep, do not need to: the program will wake up for 30 minutes before the time you wake up.

What to do in the morning that day wondered

8. Listen to your favorite songs

Listen to music while having breakfast or doing exercises take a shower. Just do not put your favorite track on the alarm clock - it is definitely not a good idea.

9. EAT BREAKFAST prepared beforehand

Do the rules to prepare breakfast in the evening several advantages. Firstly, you save yourself from morning stress associated with cooking. Second, to save time. But in the third, you will not be tempted to eat something that is not very useful.

10. Tell yourself that you have a good day

Because the right attitude - this is important.