Stations ghost in the underground world

Quite frightening definition of "ghost station" came up with the Diggers, who love to get a little deeper and find underground shelter posekretnee. As such the location is excellent abandoned or unfinished subway station - but these were in almost every major metropolis in the world. The vast majority of stations ghost appeared during the Second World War: some were used as bomb shelters, while others were simply destroyed. We have carefully studied the archives and found to have seven mysterious underground stations, which are not on any map and where the train never stops.

Stations ghost in the underground world


Berlin, Germany

In German, there is a special word for ghost station: Geisterbahnhöfe. His coined during the division of the city into two parts: the wall separated East Berlin from the West, and the underground train that went under, just do not stop at the East Railway Station. People could watch from the window as come into neglect these premises that were the key hubs of the capital. When the Berlin Wall came down, many of the stations back to life: Nordbahnhof reopened in September 1990.

Stations ghost in the underground world

City Hall

New York, USA

City Hall Station is considered to be the 12th most beautiful subway station in the world. It operated from 1904 to 1945, which was closed forever. The architects have not provided the opportunity to upgrade the station, new, longer compositions just can not stop here. However, City Hall still open for tours.

Stations ghost in the underground world


Paris, France

After the start of World War II, the Paris Metro was the only work in the central district. In 1945, almost all of the abandoned station was re-commissioned or combined with other platforms. The only exception remains Croix-Rouge, which is now rumored to be lead diggers local excursions.

Stations ghost in the underground world


Race Street

Cincinnati, United States

In this city, the entire subway system - ghost station. In the early 20th century cars and horse-drawn carriages filled the city. City Hall has decided to transfer part of the traffic under the ground. Unfortunately, the stock market crash in 1929 put these plans on the cross: the tunnels were abandoned - apparently forever.

Stations ghost in the underground world


London, England

London has the oldest subway in the world. Of course, here we can count several stations ghost. Aldwych stop was used as a bomb shelter during the Second World War, after which was never put into operation again. But local interiors liked filmmakers: Aldwych can be seen in "28 Weeks Later" and "Sherlock."

Stations ghost in the underground world

Alberti Norte

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alberti Norte station was opened in 1913 and closed in 1953 it was located too close to other stations on the line and the trains simply could not develop the necessary speed to the next stop. In the 1980s, some of the cars were equipped with a display on which the passengers could see this ghost station.

Stations ghost in the underground world


Stockholm, Sweden

In the 1970s, Stockholm began its expansion in the surrounding suburbs. Village Kymlinge it was decided to attach to the metropolis, the architects have planned out a new metro line, and even began to build the first station. But the plans remained plans: Now unfinished station is in the middle of an undeveloped area where most of the territory in general refers to the state reserve.

Stations ghost in the underground world

Station Soviet

Moscow, Russia

Few people had heard of the station "Soviet", which was started to build in the second line of the Moscow metro. She was supposed to be located between the "Theater" and "Mayakovskaya", but then the secretive project. Some time later, it was reported that on the site of "Soviet" sverhukreplenny underground bunker for the city's defense headquarters was built.

Stations ghost in the underground world

Valkyrie Plass

Oslo, Norway

Cross on the operation of this station put the city itself: a sharp increase in the number of people of Oslo led local government to solve the transportation problem urgently. Valkyrie Plass, opened in 1928, was so technically outdated that it could be operated just before last generation cars.

Stations ghost in the underground world


Barcelona, ​​Spain

Correos was opened in 1934 as the final station of the first metro line in Barcelona. It closed in 1974 - the reconstruction, which was never finished. The old ad still hang on the shabby walls that adds color station.