The best quotes Marlene Dietrich

• The best quotes Marlene Dietrich

The best quotes Marlene Dietrich

Exactly 116 years ago, on December 27 was born Marlene Dietrich - the sex symbol of German cinema, the legend of the 20th century, created one of the perfect female images on screens. In honor of the birthday of the femme fatale best remember her comments about the style, and the goodness of men.

I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.

Women are undoubtedly smarter than men. There is hardly a woman who would be crazy for men only because of its beautiful feet.

The real woman is not worried - worried.

The best quotes Marlene Dietrich

If a woman has forgiven a man, she should not have to remind him of his sins for breakfast.

If you come at nine o'clock instead of seven, and he has not called the police, - it means love was over. It is better to buy a good pair of shoes, three pairs than bad.

The best quotes Marlene Dietrich

Red Dress need to buy very carefully, and put them on, you can not too often. However, I understand women who dared to make such a purchase. After all, men are always interested: "Who is the girl in the red dress?"

So just to be kind. It is only necessary to present yourself in the other person before you start to judge him.

In love, pride is more dangerous for women than for men. If you want to save the situation, man forgets his pride easier and faster.

Ugly girls easier to maintain a modest life.