5 slaughter and light strikes in boxing

• 5 slaughter and light punches in boxing

5 slaughter and light strikes in boxing

The whole outer husk of civilization at the peak of the situation instantly flies to humans. Pick up on the dark street from the sleeping boys instantly transform intelligent musicologist with three higher education in a cornered beast, trying to figure out how to get out of the traps with all their teeth, not giving in this new acquaintance expensive mobile phone. That in such an unpleasant situation does not remain in the position of helpless victim, will be enough to learn and to work only five simple, but very effective boxer punches.


A direct hit with the front hand. Jeb put boxer in the first place, and it is one of the most popular, simple and effective punches in principle. Most often labeled jabs to the head, but you can break through and into the housing. Simultaneously with the attack we must try to make a small substep, it will significantly increase the force of impact. Win the fight by the first jab is unlikely to happen, but it is necessary to begin with combinations. On defense, you can quite keep the opponent at a distance, rather than letting it go on the offensive. If nature has endowed you have long arms, the focus on proper technique jab will be a great solution.


Direct blow with his right hand. A good soldier always keeps the far arm of the "charged" the sharp, precise attack. There will be important to expand housing, transferring weight to the front foot - without this impact will be weak. This harmonious movement of the whole body should be brought to automaticity training that in a real fight not have to painfully recall that there where steps.


Punch bent at the elbow hand without swing. A large proportion of knockouts in the ring is made hook. Before hitting the shoulder is pulled back, and then the body is unwound sharply, sending bent at the elbow to the jaw of the enemy. Take care that the bending angle remained at 90 degrees. Wrong position of the elbow significantly reduces the effectiveness of the hook. Footwork is important, not less: knees slightly bent at impact, adding Hook kinetic force.


Beat with a straightened arm swing. Harder than the previous, but quantum physics task still falls short. In fact, it would not be very scary for normal fighters swing: swing imparts greater force of impact, but takes time. The enemy is unlikely to stand and wait for developments, so use this sweeping blow from the mind and to the point.


bottom punch. So good blow to stun an opponent who is allowed to get close to him closer. Experienced boxers squeeze the elbows at close range and in the clinch, defending himself against possible uppercut. But on the street to think about what's going on outside of your field of view at the moment it is quite difficult because of the adrenaline going wild: Use this to your advantage to overwhelm the enemy surprise attack from below. Most often, the uppercut is the front arm with twisting the body. One hit can finish the fight. Long uppercut long hand is not necessary to use an inexperienced person: it is likely to get lost in the legs, forget about protecting the front of the hand faces and get a decent all greetings from the enemy.