Like "The Simpsons" helped the police to arrest 21 criminals

• How to "The Simpsons" have helped police apprehend the offender 21

Police officers from South Yorkshire have developed an ingenious plan to capture criminals. Law enforcement officers arrested 21 people, using the ruse of "The Simpsons."

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The police have printed leaflets on behalf of the defunct firm with an offer to receive a free Christmas gift: champagne, wine, pudding and other pleasant things - and send them to fugitive offenders. To receive your gift, recipients only need to agree on a home delivery. But instead of couriers to violators of the law came to law enforcement officers.


In the end of two days the police managed to arrest 21 criminals. Chief Inspector Lee Berry, who oversaw the operation, praised its effectiveness. "I am very pleased that our innovative approach has yielded positive results. We continue to explore new ways to catch the criminals. "


This creative approach police strikingly similar to the trick, which is the eighth series of the ninth season of "The Simpsons" has used the police chief Wiggum. He invited criminals on the distribution of free motor boats. It is not clear whether the guards themselves order the South Yorkshire come up with this move or assembled it in the animated series, but the main thing - it worked.