Catholic Christmas in different countries

• Catholic Christmas in different countries

Catholic Christmas in different countries

According to tradition, the Catholic Christmas is celebrated annually on 25 December. Light holiday the birth of Jesus Christ is the most important holiday of the year, so in this day to adhere to certain features of the celebration and tradition.

In addition to the common traditions of the Catholic Christmas, which we described earlier, there is also the tradition of the celebration, which differ across countries. What - read in our material!

Christmas in England

In England, Christmas, besides eating, to decorate the mistletoe - evergreen plant that lives on the branches and trunks of some trees. In the bright holiday of Christmas in England there is a tradition - kissing under this symbolic plant. As for food, it will melt in the UK faithful to the tradition, feeding on the Christmas table roast turkey and pudding.

Catholic Christmas in different countries

Christmas Holiday in Austria

In Austria, gathered at the banquet table, home owners and their guests will never lock the door with a key to any friend could come without obstacles to join them. For this purpose one chair in many countries Rozhdestvenka always leave the table empty.

Christmas traditions in the Czech Republic

On the day of Christmas in the Czech Republic to speculate in the family: the most common method of divination is considered on apples. If you cut the fruit crosswise, and sprocket see the correct form of the seed, the next year is sure to be happy for the whole family. Major Czech Christmas dishes - fried carp and potato salad.

Catholic Christmas in different countries

How to celebrate Christmas Day in Germany

In Germany, children from 1 and 24 December, every day open the window one special Advent calendar, which was hidden sweetness or some small gift. A number of 25, the day of the Catholic Christmas gifts main malyshni bring Santa Claus.

Christmas in America,

In America, the important role of Christmas symbols, such as the banquet table Americans sit not in fancy dresses and suits, and in symbolic Christmas sweaters. Also here love on Christmas Eve to exchange cards and gifts not only with family members and friends, but also with their colleagues, neighbors and just acquaintances. On the Christmas table in America must be present baked turkey.

Catholic Christmas in different countries

Christmas tradition in Spain

To the Spanish kids at Christmas does not come Santa Claus, and Papa Noel. Yes, and socks for gifts in Spain decided to hang not on the fireplace and the window. On Christmas Eve, Spaniards eat turkey with mushrooms and rich soup of the four kinds of meat.

the celebration of Christmas Traditions in Argentina

In Argentina, Christmas holiday prinyatosobiratsya whole family and feast on traditional and well-liked dish called asado (grilled beef, veal, and so on. D.).