"Council and love!" Or some of the most unusual wedding that ever took place in the world

Fortunately, we live in a world where most countries offer their citizens the freedom to marry those whom they love. However, what happens when someone falls in love with an inanimate object, rather than a real person? Yes, it is a problem.

Very strange to assume that such a thing is taking place in our world, but, oddly enough, there is a very large number of people who literally begin to experience certain fondness for some inanimate objects, for example, a car or a rubber ring. Such people are called obektofilami and though many of their loved ones can not respond to their emotions and feelings, obektofily claim otherwise. So, with the love of inanimate objects like understood. But here's what to do if the love of life, for example, an animal? In fact, the "marriage" with a variety of animals in our world are not uncommon. So, let's get to the main part of this article, in which we will tell you about the most unreal marriages that ever awarded on our Earth.

Shallow Hal, fall in love with a goat (in the truest sense of the word)

74-year-old Brazilian Aparecido Castaldo thought that such a venerable age is not a hindrance to marry his beloved ... goat. Yes, yes, our friends, the chosen one was his grandfather's favorite goat Carmelita. The man admitted that he had long felt affection for this beauty. "She has always understood me and did not condemn" - once said Aparecido. The Brazilian got married two years ago and happily married. A man happily recalls his wedding day: "When everything was ready, I went to his Carmel decided to put on her wedding dress, which he himself had made, but I did not succeed, because my fiancee constantly began to chew" - laughing man. He was repeatedly asked why he was not married to a normal healthy woman, but rather a goat, to which he replies, "Carmelita amazing. She does not speak, does not swear and never asks for money for different nonsense. " At the moment, the goat is the "stepmother" Castaldo for seven children. The wedding itself caused a lot of controversy and convictions against the men. animal rights activists especially rapidly performed and some priests. Aparecido When asked about the most important thing that excites the public - sex, he said, "it does not matter to me. I love Carmelita without it. "


This is probably the most bizarre in the case list. Chadil Deffi, who was born in Thailand, recently married his dead girlfriend. Yes, yes, dead. The ceremony was both a wedding and a funeral. Before she died, the happy couple lived together for nine years. They had plans to travel and travel the world, but fate had a completely different way. Deffi When asked about why he decided to marry a corpse, the man said that the way he wants to redeem himself in front of his beloved. Before the sudden death of a girl in a traffic accident, she did offer Chadilyu, but he refused. Now he feels guilty about it, and so I decided to take this step.


When doctors told 28-year-old Chinese man, that he had cancer, he decided in whatever was to marry before they die. However, at that time the man had no relationship, and he decided to marry the doll. The wedding ceremony was the same as all normal people, except, of course, the bride herself, which was rubber, but despite this, it is very beautiful. The photographer, who was specially hired did a lot of beautiful pictures, which immediately flew over the internet. However, some were quite pleased to such a wedding. Some people thought that this story is not true, and the wedding with a doll - a skilled marketing move by which the sale of such "rubber girlfriends" had to fly up to the sky. It is unknown if this is true or not.


Heartbroken because of the premature death of his girlfriend five years ago, a young Asian guy suddenly decided that she came back to him from the other world in the form of a snake. According to Man, Cobra was very similar to his deceased girl whom he loved with all his heart, and that is why he organized a full-fledged marriage ceremony with this three-meter reptile as soon as she had appeared. The pair lives happily together and regularly visits the gym together. The guy said that they sleep in the same bed, walk in shower and so on. Getting all confused by the fact that the cobra lives next to a young guy, but a short time later, friends photographed above the young man realized that the reptile behaves quite quietly and almost never show aggression.