"The Geneva Convention? No, I have not! "Or a little bit about how to torture people in the 21st century

What immediately pops up in the mind of the average person, when he hears a short but terrible word "torture"? Pictures from the history books? Dark Ages devices with ropes and blocks? Buck, Spanish boots, iron pear, that can not eat, but can easily be inserted into the same anatomic hole? Well, what about the modern, more, so to speak, innovative and advanced "technology"? Nothing comes to mind, is not it? Indeed, in the 21st century, no one is tortured, right? Or not?

Warning, spoiler: how would be unfortunate as it may sound, but the correct answer is still "no." So, especially impressionable readers, please briefly look away from the screen, because today we will tell you about what kind of sophisticated and horrible form of torture brought into the 21st century, and what unpretentious, but they are not less terrible device used to cause people pain modern butchers.

Tiger bench

Ever since ancient times, when it came to torture, the people of China were clearly not one of those who stand on ceremony with their captives. And while the infamous "death by a thousand cuts" in China a long time ago do not practice, to the adherents of the Falun Gong religious movement of local Communist Party applies, shall we say, not too lenient. And it was the members of this movement often have to feel in their own skin is very simple and extremely painful Chinese invention "specialists" - the tiger bench.

The principle of this "devaysa", in general, is elementary. The prisoner was placed back on a long bench, which is tied to his legs and feet, and so that the head and back rested on a kind of similarity nailed back from behind. Then under the calves begin podgladyvat bricks. After that, the kind of a test of strength: that will break first - rope, which is tied to the bench legs prisoner, or ligaments. Another spoiler: ropes for this "extremely humane and lenient" punishment Chinese "pro" usually choose a very, very strong.

Takersky phone

The infamous "Takersky phone" got its name thanks to the prison complex "Tucker State Prison" in Arkansas - last place in the world where would want to be at least one person in the world in the late '60s. Ironically, we came up with this system, which should give her her due, is much more complicated, painful and perverse than "engineering work" Chinese local prison doctors to rein in unruly and uncontrolled prisoners.

For this here "discipline" antediluvian take regular telephone and a bit of "modified" its circuitry. The ground wire is tied around the big toe of the sufferer, and the live wire - around the genitals. What happened then, in the explanation is not needed. We add only that local wardens used two types of such "educational pyatiminutok" depending on the severity of the offense: "internal calls" - one bit, "Long Distance Calls" - a constant electric shock intermittently for a few seconds.

And yes, although in 1970 "Takersky phone" officially recognized torture (and 70 th officials, presumably, thought it nice?) And banned its use in prisons, in some prisons still then walking a rumor that some of the rules are written to be broken.

The White Room

In contrast to the two previous cases, of which we wrote in our article above, there will be no beating, no torn ligaments or elekroshoka, however, according to some human rights activists of the "Amnesty International", this torture, which is completely legal practiced in some parts of the world, it is one of the worst nightmares through which people can pass in principle. The so-called "white room" - a special regime of detention for political prisoners, which is particularly fond of the Iranian government.

The point is that their indefinite imprisonment the convict has to serve in a perfectly white camera with full soundproofing. Windows in the chamber there, the light never goes out, the walls, floor and ceiling are painted a creamy smooth layer of white paint. For lunch through the white door sticks white plate with white rice. Talk with the guards prohibited. If the prisoner to use the bathroom, he slips under the door of a white sheet of paper, and then security in the white suits, masks and special shoes with soles noiseless holds prisoner white corridor in the same white bathroom.

Of course, somehow hard to believe that the white walls and white plates can torture a person stronger than police batons and bare wires. However, taking into account the stories of people who had experienced several years in the "white room" and a miracle to be released, it is unlikely among us there is at least someone who would think to test the effectiveness of such a cunning psychological tricks on itself.