Psychological complexes, spoiling life

Complexes that we have to affect the way we see ourselves and behave towards others. They are rooted deeply in our psyche and have a large impact on our lives.

Until the end we do not know how we gain psychological complexes, whether we are born with them or our environment contributes to their formation. And yet we can say that some of the complexes are much more common than others. Here, the most common psychological complexes that can poison our lives.

1. Oedipus complex / Electra complex

Psychological complexes, spoiling life

The deep attachment to the parent of the opposite sex.

The name of the complex was taken from Greek mythology, and is considered one of the most controversial ideas of Sigmund Freud. According to Greek mythology, Oedipus the hero falls in love with his mother and has to kill his father in order to fully take possession of it. When the complex of Electra, the daughter feels an unconscious attraction to the father, but blames his mother. In both cases, an unhealthy attachment to a parent can lead to delays in emotional development, reluctance to be held accountable and can affect our future relations. For example, a man will look for a woman who reminds him of his mother. Conversely, if the relationship between son and mother did not work, it may be difficult to deal with women. In women, the complex is manifested in the fact that no man can match with her father, and her whole life rejecting qualified candidates.

2. The complex of the Madonna and the whore

Psychological complexes, spoiling life

A man sees a woman in a sacred or dissolute.

This complex is common in men, who can not maintain normal loving and sexual relationship with her partner. Psychological complex occurs in men who are able to see in women, only two extremes: either a virgin or depraved.

A man with this complex can admire a woman and considered her sexually attractive. But when he begins to look at her as a sexual object, he feels for her disgust. Such a dichotomy often pushes men to treason.

3. Complex God

Psychological complexes, spoiling life

The man develops overestimated their capabilities.

The man with the God complex can deny the probability of some sort of error or failure, even though the existence of irrefutable evidence. In addition, it is often said that his personal opinion is the only right. Such people believe that the normal rules of society do not apply to them, and this justifies their riskiness.

4. The complex of persecution

Psychological complexes, spoiling life

Undue fear that you have been offended.

This is a fallacy in which a person believes that is in danger or the danger will happen to them as a result of persecution. Man withdraws, believes that no one believes him, he appeared paranoid. He may feel that someone is against it. With such a complex you are very difficult to trust people.

5. The victim complex

Psychological complexes, spoiling life

The man requires sympathy and attention, suffering.

The victim will always put the other in the first place to the detriment of their health and well-being. It does this unconsciously, to get the right care and attention. When a person does not get what he wants, he can cause harm to themselves or to fall into a deep depression.

6. Inferiority complex

Psychological complexes, spoiling life

The man feels that he's no good in life.

We all have difficult days when we feel that we have not achieved what we could. People who constantly feel so myself, suffer from an inferiority complex. Such a person may believe that he is not successful in comparison with others, and tries to compensate for it by proving their worth. He found it hard to accept compliments does not care about their needs, and believes he does not deserve them.

7. The complex of superiority

Psychological complexes, spoiling life

The man considers himself better than others.

In contrast to the inferiority complex of these people believe that they are superior to others. They believe that are better than others in terms of attractiveness, intelligence and uniqueness. they often feel that others owe them all come on at the expense of others, and strikes up a relationship of benefits.

8. The complex of guilt

Psychological complexes, spoiling life

The man blames himself.

Such a person in itself is self-critical and always takes the blame, even if it is undeserved. He is not able to soberly assess yourself and always inclined to think that he made a mistake.

9. The complex Don Juan

Psychological complexes, spoiling life

The man is inclined to see in the woman a source of pleasure.

A typical womanizer, who charms women to drag them into bed, and then throws them to suffer from the complex Don Juan. Such men are not ready to start a family until old age and change partners as often as bedding. They feel nothing against women, and, as a rule, remained a bachelor all his life.

10. The complex character

Psychological complexes, spoiling life

The man wants to be the center of attention, creating a situation in which he needed someone to save

This complex is common among firefighters, police, bodyguards, nurses. It is characterized by human desire to be recognized, performing dangerous work and save someone. A man with this complex will boast and exaggerate their merit, to attract attention. This is only part of the complex, known in psychology, but they - the most common.