"The cure for normality" or the barbaric methods of "treatment" of homosexuality

The topic of homosexuality at all times stood very sharply. Some do not understand these people, but not the least, do not try every possible way to tell how bad it is. Others, on the contrary, rabid homophobes who only need to throw out for everyone to see their dirty thoughts with gay people.

Homophobes - very strange people. Given the fact that such people are foaming at the mouth screaming loudly that "Gays and lesbians - it is bad", it seems that with the appearance they resemble the latent homosexuals who can not accept yourself. Well, okay, probably not yet found the guy or the girl that / th ability / to calm the ardor and in their pants. Despite the fact that you can find a variety of articles on this topic is extremely sharp, the words "anti-homosexuality" does not end with the internet and the media. It is difficult to count how many people died on the Equality March and, in principle. Although members of the LGBT community are gaining respect and recognition in the world today, violence against them remains a challenge. So, let's look back and see how craftsmen "treat" homosexuality a few centuries ago. And although it is now such measures are unacceptable, the fact remains that "treat from normality" are trying at all times.


Let's go back in th 1940. It is likely that it was one of the worst times for those who were party to the LGBT community. If somehow the authorities find out that you are a homosexual, then you would expect one of the most excruciating torture, which sometimes results in death. If someone in your family has learned that you are gay, you will be immediately sent to a psychiatric hospital under observation room. The man in fact had no choice. You either castrated and, at best, you will not die, but will remain disabled, or you are sent to a psychiatric hospital, where he may be you "heal" before his death. Doctors in places promised human family that will help cure him of his so-called "sexual disease." Aesculapius "prescribed" castration is not so often, but it does not mean that it was not. A lot of these cases occurred in Nazi Germany. Homosexuals who fall into the camp, only to agree to castration "knock off their sentences." And it was only one method in the long list of "treatment" proposed by the Nazis.


Lobotomy implied a violation of the integrity of the prefrontal lobe of the brain. This neurosurgical procedure was carried out to reduce the manifestations of mental disorders in humans. Remember that one time, homosexuality was a mental disorder. Basically, the lobotomy was performed without any anesthesia. This barbarity of man still had a place to be in the United States in 1981.

A spiritual approach

Homosexuality is a great sin in many religions. Some religious people believe that the relationship between members of the same sex is unnatural, and their orientation is contrary to what the Lord God has prescribed. In fact, some very religious people begin to literally "wash out" the brains of your children, that in any case their favorite child did not go on a bad feet. Homosexuality is equated with Satan's machinations. If, God forbid, the child realizes that he does not like the opposite sex, and his own, and parents know about it, it's the least they are doing with these children, it is locked in a room and left there to pray for several hours. It is common practice for Russian families with children with homosexuals. Most parents in Russia forced to attend the church of their children in order to supposedly "Clear", which in itself is absurd. Homosexuality - is not a disease, not the machinations of the Devil, and in this case does not help the holy water. If for some reason the parents are trying to somehow clean up your child from this "abomination" that can be worth considering whether it is his love in the family, if they can not take it the way it is?

Torture various drugs

If you think that the so-called mental health facilities for treatment of homosexuality had gone into the past, then we dare to disappoint you, this is not so. In 2017, the photographer Paola Paredes managed to get into one of these hospitals in Ecuador. She witnessed many horrors, including the sadistic methods of drug treatment. The clinic was allegedly rehabilitation center for drug addicts. "Doctors" gave their patients to large doses of narcotics to torment them. During that, as a man was badly hurt and, on the big screen showed pictures of naked men and women, so that the brain had an association between what loved before, and that brings a crazy pain. And it is believed that it can permanently suppress cravings with your floor.