Environmental myths of our reality

We have a child believe that the environment we poor, the planet is experiencing an ecological crisis, and to help her, you need to use paper bags instead of plastic, and save the forest, because it is light of the world.

We found out that all these statements - the myths and find out where else we lied on the lessons of biology and geography.

Environmental myths of our reality Environmental myths of our reality

Myth № 1. 1

Today, the environment is in a very bad condition. In the second half of the XX century it became known as the ecology of all, with regard to the environment from man, so word soon became synonymous with the environment.

Truth: Ecology can not be bad or dirty, it's just the science of the interaction of organisms with the environment.

Environmental myths of our reality

2. Myth number 2: Forests - lungs of the planet

Forests produce oxygen as much as they consume. But the task of cleaning the air and protect the soil from erosion, they deal like no other.

Oxygen is also in large quantities produce bacteria and single-celled organisms that inhabit the seas and oceans, which can be called the lungs of the planet.

Truth: Forests in their functions more like the liver and kidneys.

Environmental myths of our reality

Myth number 3: Natural ecosystems WASTELESS

About wildlife can indeed be described as a self-regulating, but not all of it is utilized. At full utilization would not have formed the soil. Coal, petroleum, shale, marble - all this "waste" of past biospheres, kind landfills that are arranged by nature. Truth: Ecosystem nebezothodny, but their "junk" is buried in such a way that it has no adverse impact on the environment in its future phases of its development. Unless, of course, does not interfere with people.

Environmental myths of our reality

Myth number 4: The reason for the environmental crisis - people are always

For example, the destruction of the protective ozone layer and global warming causes, including volcanic activity, as well as a lack of ultraviolet radiation during the cold season.

Truth: Sometimes the environment itself is the cause of their own misfortune. But, unfortunately, adverse human impact on her condition is much stronger.

Environmental myths of our reality

Myth number 5: paper and bioplastics more environmentally friendly than plastic

Everyone thinks that a paper bag environmentally friendly because it decomposes more quickly than plastic. But nobody thinks about how to affect Cardboard and paper industry on nature: contaminates water bodies and is a cause of deforestation.

Bioplastics, the packaging of which is now boast some food giants - a plastic plant, which is really relatively quickly decomposes. But this expansion takes place under special conditions, and not in landfills, where and sent the majority of biodegradable packaging. Truth: Both packaging harm the environment. Therefore, no matter what kind of plastic bag and you choose in daily activities, use it again, and then turn in for recycling.

Myth number 6: The environmental crisis in the world has happened for the first time

The first ecological crisis occurred about 50 thousand. Years ago, when there was a depletion of the earth's resources first people. Then, in order to overcome the shortage of food, people come to burn the soil to update the ecosystem. But crises intermittently for several thousand years there were again experiencing that mankind has invented agriculture and livestock, has committed an industrial revolution.

Truth: Throughout the existence of mankind occurred environmental crises. But mastering the technology to overcome them, one only causes new, more large-scale ecological catastrophe.