"Do not look into the abyss." Horrible facts about the Grand Canyon

The other place like the Grand Canyon, which is located on the Colorado Plateau, Arizona, to meet more of the world is impossible. In fact, even photographs taken by tourists who have visited this place, can not convey all the value and enormous size of the canyon.

At this point in time has stopped. But in spite of all kinds of beauty and that open before the eyes of tourists, the Grand Canyon is shrouded in mystery and legends. This is where very often there are accidents and the various tragedies that sometimes cost human lives. Today we have prepared for you a few things about this place, which will show how the Grand Canyon is terrible indeed.

1. Damned relics

In 1879, Don McGuire crossed the Colorado River with his expedition of Arizona. It was then that he met a certain Emma Lee. In exchange for some goods, which asked Emma, ​​the woman gave a gift Don blanket Indians and warned that it also has its dark side. According to Lee, the veil has brought her family some unhappiness and misery, as well as the death of her husband. Maguire decided that the woman lied to all, but in order not to offend the fate, left out of the canyon on the same day. After that meeting, two years have passed, and Maguire said that he only suffered all the time from various afflictions exactly to the moment, it does not cover lost, a gift from Emma. There is also a lot of other information about the cursed relics of Native Americans, who were found in the Grand Canyon. For example, here are the pieces of pottery that used to lie in ancient Indian graves.

2. Dangerous animals

Grand Canyon just full of dangerous animals that are on the whole territory of the national park. Mountain lions, black bears, moose and so on - it is only a small part of all that dwell in this place. One of the most horrific encounters with wildlife Canyon occurred in 1933. According to reports, 43 year-old archeologist from California named Cochran walked the trail Snake Gulcha when came across clearly unhappy rattlesnake. Cochran was terrified of snakes, but the man did not have the ability to avoid the bite of a deadly creature. Cochran died almost immediately.

3. Remains of people

The information that the Grand Canyon Rangers began to detect a variety of remains of human bodies began to arrive in the last century. In all the time that passed, the findings did not become less, and it made the government more detailed approach to the study of remains found at this location. One of the most high-profile cases, which was connected with the Grand Canyon, occurred in 1975 in the northern part. Police had discovered a bloody shirt with 36 bullet holes. This item belonged to a woman who was killed by members of a gang called the "Outlaws". They ride around on motorcycles and scare people. The official number of victims (suicides, accidents, murder, torture, and so on) that were found in the Grand Canyon, and it remains unknown.

4. Robert Spangler

In 1978, Robert Spangler shot his wife Nancy and their two children in his suburban home in Denver. Robert decided to arrange everything as if it were Nancy, in his right mind, killed her children. Despite the fact that Spangler cleaned up after themselves, the detectives never able to come to the conclusion that it was the wife of this man was a killer. Suspicion fell on the very Spangler, but there were not any clues. It took 15 years until Robert has not made itself felt again. Going to the Grand Canyon in 1993, Robert dropped his third wife Donna with chips. The woman did not survive, and Spengler again "got away with it." Already in 2000, when the man was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the investigator Paul Goodman came to Spangler in the hope that he confess his deeds. All of what happened. Robert testified and confessed to four murders and two rapes that occurred precisely in the Grand Canyon. Robert Spangler was sentenced to life imprisonment in March 2001. After the verdict, he died 5 months later.