"Elections, elections, all candidates umnichki!" Or five fictitious characters that are better suited to the role of President of the United States, than Donald Trump

Of course, many of us may seem somewhat surprising and unusual that do change from time to time in some distant, overseas countries and presidents. And yes, we must pay tribute, victory odious multi-billionaire Donald Trump in the recent presidential elections in the United States has become one of the most notorious and scandalous political events in the West over the past few years.

The political initiatives uncle Donald, who in the best traditions of medieval promised to build a wall on the border with Mexico, can be treated differently. However, the fact remains that, in the last few months of his personality has acquired so many all kinds of Internet jokes and memchikov that some of them are simply impossible to pass by. So today we decided to cheer you up the five fictional characters from movies and cartoons that are better suited to the role of President of the United States than the former owner of the beauty contest "Miss Universe", according to opponents of Donald Trump.

Dexter Morgan - "Dexter"

A serial killer in the White House, seriously? Well, be that as it may, Donald Trump and Dexter in the soul there is clearly a lot in common. Psycho Psycho flock together. But what shocking the main character of the popular TV series, which many moms of all kinds of parents' committees have been dreaming for a ban overly explicit violence, better suited to the position of President? At least in the history of your screen existence Dexter kill a lot of dangerous criminals, who would otherwise state governments would have a few decades to feed and maintain, saving, thus, a lot of blood denezhek taxpayers, which, of course, about Donald Trump said It does not.

Ned Flanders - "The Simpsons"

Yes, if you listen to many odious speech newfound President, it seems that it is turned on biblical values ​​about the same as the famous hero of popular cartoon series "The Simpsons." So what, in fact, one better than another? What if Donald Trump is religious is reduced solely to the fact to maintain a ban on abortion and calling Americans "a nation of true Christians' belief cartoon character brings to society at least something good. In particular, according to the scenario cartoon Ned Flanders more or less regularly engaged in some form of church charity, but what is the difference between multi-billionaire Trump? This religious politician openly woven in the tail of the rating of "most generous billionaires" of our time, and all of his few donations go exclusively ... his own charitable foundation. Oops.

Jack Dawson - "Titanic"

Jack Dawson in the movie willingly sacrificed his life to save the girl he knew no more than 5 days. I do not know how well this dead movie character would look in the presidential chair, but at least, unlike Donald Trump, it is not lit up at the scandalous compromising photos and videos, where the future president a week after the wedding, sexually molested (meaning "missing for the fifth point "), his secretary.

McGruff the Crime Dog

Yes, some Internet users believe that even a cartoon dog with a painted children's booklets better suited for the role of the President of America, than our beloved controversial policies. Cause? Makgraff catching criminals, it is the guardian of the law and teaches kids how to stay out of trouble. Trump rap of more than 3, 500 current lawsuits various limitations that have been filed against his favorite. Output? Makgraff - 1, Trump - 0.

Michael Scofield - "Escape"

One may argue about how one can judge the moral qualities of a person by the way he treats his family. Well, in any case, when it comes to strong family values ​​and brotherly love, the character of the popular TV series "Escape" clearly gives the US president in front of a hundred points. In order to save his brother, unjustly sentenced to death, serial Michael voluntarily went to jail and come up with an incredibly epic escape plan for himself and his relative. Well, about the strength of family ties Trump can be judged only by the fact that the billionaire recently completely struck from the will of children of his brother, and this despite the fact that one of the nephews of the President suffers a cerebral palsy. Bravo, Donald, bravo!