The products are contraindicated for breakfast

The products are contraindicated for breakfast

I bet for you as it is for most of us, the main role is played at breakfast is not good, and the speed and ease of preparation? Unfortunately, this approach may not only hurt your figure, but also contribute to the development of serious diseases. If you want to avoid this, permanently excluded from the morning meal, these 7 products!

Raw vegetables

Doctors say that breakfast consisting only of raw vegetables, can provoke not only gastritis, but also ulcers. All the matter they contain acids that irritate and erode the stomach wall.

Granola from the store

Crunchy granola - very useful and nutritious breakfast. However, the store produtke difficult to control the amount of sugar and other harmful additives. To be confident in the composition and quality of the product itself better prepare granola!

Sausages and sausage

Since childhood, we used to have breakfast tasty and easy to prepare sandwiches. However, did you know that in 2015 the World Health Organization officially recognized all of your favorite sausage, ham and sausages carcinogen? To make your breakfast just a little healthier, simply replace the sausage on boiled chicken breast or fish.

Fruit juices

The vast majority of store juices contain sugar or fructose, which may contribute to the development of obesity and diabetes. Also, insulin spike caused by excessive amounts of sugar in the juice, makes us tired, nervous and hungry.


Most baking ingredients such as flour and sugar, it is absolutely not suitable for the morning meal. In addition, baking often contains additives such as chocolate, cream, sugar powder or jam. As a result - too much calories and glucose surges.

Low-fat yogurt

A glass of yogurt with fresh fruit or berries - an exemplary example of a wholesome breakfast. However, you make a huge mistake by trying to replace it with fat-free store-bought yogurt. The fact that some store bought yogurt contains more sugar than, for example, ice cream, and the lack of fat reduces their nutritional value, creating only a temporary illusion of saturation.

Sweet cereals

Also useful fiber, flakes contained in the store also a huge amount of glucose and fructose, which may trigger jumps insulin. Digestible carbohydrates provide only short-term satiety, which means that within a few hours again hungry. In addition, breakfast cereals contain harmful flavored additives.