Folk omens that always come true

• Folk omens that always come true

Folk omens that always come true

Folk omens, with all its intricate - surprisingly unstable business. You can devour even the salad bowl of clover quatrefoil, but it is unlikely to add you something wonderful, except for diarrhea. And the palm does not usually itch "money" and to the fact that "a good idea to wash your hands, darling."

Modern romantic superstition will not name, but they are reliable as an anvil stokilogrammovye. Honestly, we checked.

1. To finally came taxi, you have to smoke. If the last cigarette, the minibus will come before the second tightening, even against the schedule.

2. Tired of winter and snow? No need to move. Enough to buy a ski, board or skates. Snow will not be until the spring - as long as you do not bear it in the dacha land-loving tomatoes.

3. Do not love the rain? Always take an umbrella with you. No matter how overcast skies and no lie forecast, the rain will not be until you absent-mindedly not leave the umbrella at home.

4. If you really want to the country, to cling to the ground, and the work machine and relatives against, just make expensive manicure. Hardly the second hand will start to varnish, working meetings canceled, the machine will be got, and relatives all will paint on cottage hammock.

5. If you want to focus the household or waiting for a call, do not waste time. Just go to the shower. In these 5 minutes will call all the world, including the classmates with whom you have not spoken the last 20 years, the postman will certainly bring a parcel, relatives start yelling at the door "come soon", a child urgently need a pot (it is in the bathroom, yes). 6. If there is no one to sit with the child, and absent himself still need to try to straighten the bed, to organize more dirty dishes and put in a prominent place neglazhenogo pile of laundry. Do not hesitate, unknown forces already involve in-law to your doorstep.

7. Sometimes, the child began to play in the street and disappeared from the radar, and the second hour you quietly sedeet with valerian the phone. But deliverance is near. Urgent Have sex! And you do not have time to pull his pants ...

8. If you want to remind myself and former foes, we must ... No, on the red Mazda at other times, I'm sorry. It is not necessary to wash your hair, put on his sweat pants and neotfotoshoplenny after yesterday's look and feel with the trash in his hand to show everyone farfetched vrazhin sign of how much they have lost.

9. If you really want sex, but the prospects are uncertain date, in no case do not do hair removal. To enhance the irresistible effect it is recommended to put on a little old pants and bra honored.

10. If life is happy and so measured that I want to shake things up, try to see in a dream fish. It is the strongest sign of a prolonged action. At least 18 years after it you will live an incredibly fun and rich.