How to manage the dreams

• How to control dreams

Experts have found that it is possible to learn to control their dreams, even though it is not easy. You want to increase your chances of seeing a lucid dream? Then this article is for you.

How to manage the dreams

If you are watching this film, Christopher Nolan's "Inception", inspired by the idea of ​​the ability to control their dreams, to study the topic on the Internet, but did not achieve much success, then we have good news for you. Scientists from the University of Adelaide have identified a number of techniques that, when used together will help you to increase your chances of seeing a lucid dream.

For those who missed the chance the film and does not understand what it was about, to clarify - this is called a lucid dream a dream in which you know that sleep, and can manage events. At first sight, it does not sound too difficult.

But it is only at first glance. It is proved that lucid dreams is a rare and elusive phenomenon, as well as many fantastic stunts committed, as it seems, with the help of one of fortitude. The phenomenon many times tried to study, but without much success.

However, while the new study, scientists have discovered several techniques that, when used together can give you a 17 percent chance to see the lucid dream. Not too impressive figure, but without the use of techniques and you will not get it.

So, here it is, the triple procedure:

Reality Testing: several times a day, check how real the world, to understand whether you are awake (remember the top of the film "Home"?) Wake up and lie back: after five hours of sleep wake up, watch for a while before heading back to bed. This method will enter REM sleep, in which the highest probability of dreams.

MILD (mnemonic induction of lucid sleep) after sleeping for five hours, awake and conscious, program yourself to the fact that the next time in the dream recall, it was a dream. Repeat the phrase: "The next time, when I see a dream, I remember that I am dreaming."

"Mimic induction affects our prospective memory - that is, our ability to remember what to do in the future. Repeating a phrase that you remember that you are in a dream, you form in the brain is really the intention to do it, which leads to lucid dreaming "- says one of the study co-author Dr. Aspi Denholm.

If you manage to fall asleep within five minutes after the mnemonic induction, the chances of seeing a dream-driven increases to 46%. At least, such results got involved in the study volunteers.

The results of the very promising - a new technique may help to get rid of nightmares, as well as provide an opportunity to improve the physical skills and abilities through repetition in an environment of endless possibilities of conscious sleep.

Try to test the technique on himself, and who knows, maybe the next night you will be able to fly to the stars.