Curious about manhood

Curious about manhood

Have you ever asked yourself the question: how well do you know your own penis? I bet that you will answer: "Who, if not I know better your sexual organ." Take your time.

1. Do you want to know what you're in bed, ask the former

And if you rephrase the question: what about this think the fair sex - namely, your ex-girlfriend? After all, if the face it, not all of them are ready to state clearly the man about his shortcomings sensitive properties at the first intimacy.

However, if you are plagued by this account some doubts and you are ready to hear the truth, the uterus, the ex-girlfriend - excellent reviewers, who are willing to in detail describe all that they liked (or not very much): firmness, size, thickness, hardness etc.

2. Bigger is not always better

Curious about manhood

Contrary to popular belief a big penis is not a criterion of success in women. Many tend to think that the longer a man's penis, the more pleasure in bed gets a woman. But here everything is very individual and depends on the personal preferences of the woman, her sensations during intercourse and vaginal anatomical features.

The men do not forget one simple truth - what can you do in bed, it's much more important than the size of your penis (body movements, hand, attention to the wishes of the Lady).

Therefore, it does not matter - whether you are an owner of dignity with a baseball bat or a little finger. The main thing - it's confidence.

3. Do not give nicknames to his genitals

This is forgivable if you are 14 years old. But contact your reproductive organs on behalf of (and sometimes patronymic) as a mature man - this, at least, strange. Although according to polls sexologists, inventing nicknames indulge in almost 75% of American men. In the conservative Russian interest should be somewhat lower. Sexologists also urged women to care - should not be called a male member of the "wrong" names (eg, baby or toddler). This may cause an unforgivable insult to the man, and thus hurt his dignity.

4. Member acrobat

Curious about manhood

If you ever ever contemplate unusual and extravagant show Simon Morley and David Freund called "Puppet Theater of the penis," then you probably know how much can be flexible penis, and how he is able to stretch. These two can give your reproductive organs form the Eiffel Tower, hamburger, pelican, and so. Forth. According to Morley, 10-15 minutes a workout in the morning will allow to increase with time member of a few centimeters.

5. How to prolong men's health for many years to

Perhaps there is no man on earth who does not wish that his penis had served him faithfully for many years, and the sex drive is not extinguished until old age.

Steven Lamm, Director Langone Medical Center at New York University, in his book "Factor hardness" asserts that "the penis is a barometer of male health". According to Lamm, the guarantee of 100% of men's health is a regular morning erection. If it is present, it means that you are getting enough sleep, have normal levels of testosterone and are generally in good shape.

Curious about manhood

But factors such as smoking, alcohol, stress and overeating significantly harm men's health and lead to sexual dysfunction.

"Imagine that your penis - a Ferrari. You're not going to fill his favorite low-quality fuel. The same applies to the food that you consume. Cocoa, fruits, vegetables, fish (rich in omega-3), vitamin B, foods rich in fiber - all this only for the benefit of the male body. Remember one rule - everything that's good for your heart is good for your penis, "- says Lamm.

Sex is another important criterion of a man's sexual longevity, t. To. He increases the flow of blood, and blood will nourish the penile tissue enriched with oxygen.

The deterioration in sexual function does not depend on the age of the man. Lamm acknowledged that he saw the men at 80 and even at 90, leading a full sex life. Of course, an erection is a limit. "But there is nothing wrong in that, - said the doctor - if you do yourself a little support by the usual Viagra."

6. Trimmed

Curious about manhood

There is a sign: if the men around her hair neatly trimmed causal place, it speaks about his accuracy and consistency in all matters. More intimate haircut plays an important role in intimate hygiene. After all, the fewer places for germs and odors, so, of course, it is better for you and your partner.

We advise not to stifle their private parts perfume or cologne. Just take a regular shower.

7. Doctor, what with my penis?

Nothing is more frightening men, unexpectedly encountered problems with his reproductive organs. . MD, director of reproductive and sexual medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, Peter J. Stahl calls the 4 problems that may occur in men:

Curious about manhood

1) The erection that lasts more than 4 hours

Priapism (prolonged abnormal erection) is actually a rare phenomenon. However, if this pathology is not treated promptly, the blood supply is disrupted, resulting in necrosis of the tissues of the penis.

2) Testicular cancer

Hereditary predisposition to cancer, infertility, undescended testicle into the scrotum - all these risk factors, which are the cause for the regular examination by a doctor.

3) Peyronie's disease

If you notice that in erection your penis is bent unnaturally, then maybe it's a sign of Peyronie's disease, which affects 5-8% of the male population. If untreated, the penis becomes curved so that sex becomes impossible.

4) STI

Of course, it is always unpleasant. However, indiscriminate and unprotected sex increases the risk of disease, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Nevertheless, Dr. Stahl asserts that the majority of STIs are treatable.

8. A healthy erection and no cancer

According to all of the same Dr. Stahl, men must themselves examine your testicles at least once a month. Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in young men, and if diagnosis is made on time, the chance of recovery is increased by 95%. 1) The best time for self-examination - a time of reception of the warm bath or shower when the scrotal skin is most relaxed.

2) On the top rear surface of the egg can find a small "bump" which is said appendage. Appendage should not be confused with the tumor - it serves to transport sperm to the seminal vesicles.

3) Place the thumbs on top of the testicle and the index and middle fingers - behind him. Then carefully and gently palpate the testicles, pay attention to that part of the testicle, which, as it seems to you, change the shape or become harder.

4) Do not panic

"Most people confuse cancer with a benign tumor, and often they do not have any disease," - the doctor warns.

5) "better safe than sorry"

Still, do not neglect the simple visual inspection, and once again should consult a doctor to not tear himself doubts in vain.