Alain Sviridov women

• Alain Sviridov women

Alain Sviridov women

1. We want to know why men are interesting not only fall in love with all the wrong women, but also married to them.

2. The most pleasant for the woman role-playing game - "I am a beautiful lady, are you - a knight, and the Harz under my window!" So the Harz!

3. A woman can say "goodbye" if, for all the obvious merits of a man, "not" smell.

4. A woman can forgive most terrible misdeeds, if a man smells "so".

5. If you have tortured unfounded jealousy, ask yourself if your conscience is clear? Women move out from the coils when no longer feel your love. 6. You can not imagine what kind of deduction on the ability of women, feeling that you have got hanky-panky.

7. Even the most intelligent woman, after the phrase "Honey, now to the right," capable of knowing nod and confidently turn left.

8. A man who was on a date in the unpolished shoes, could not be coming at all.

9. Love in its purest form is not interested in a woman, even though she often declares otherwise, see "Emmanuel" and other fiction.

10. If a woman wanted to sleep under separate blankets, so she stopped loving you.