As little as a month to pump up the press

• As little as a month to pump up the press

As little as a month to pump up the press

In pursuit of the beautiful press vast majority of people is betting on a huge number of repetitions of classical twists. Confused by this bit, the energy goes, and you are left surprised considered the place where already, in theory, should have been manifest cherished cubes. The fact that even a thousand crunches will not give you this effect. But the ideal press can be quickly achieved with a bracket. This is one of the best ways to tone the abdominal muscles at the same time strengthening forearms, quadriceps and calves.

Plank with raised legs

This involves not only the strap muscles bark, but the chest muscles, shoulders, hips and buttocks. Please stop position lying on his elbows. The spine is stretched, tense press. Alternately lift the bent knees to parallel with the floor, then pull the knee to the chest and back to the starting position. Do 10-12 reps on each leg.

Planck lowering pelvis

This exercise is practically identical to the one of the asanas of Ashtanga Yoga. From the usual trims it differs additional load of the pelvis, which in the job include direct and transverse abdominal muscles simultaneously. To perform it correctly, you need a little bit of classical straps tuck pelvis, legs bent at the knees and lift your tailbone to the top. It is necessary to hold an awkward position ten seconds. After that, straighten your legs and stand still for 10 seconds, watching the constant tone of the press.

Contact strip

Press, triceps, quadriceps, gluteal muscles - basically, to keep the body in good shape only by means of this exercise. Contact or reversing strip somewhat resembles a bridge: the legs bent at the knees, hips raised, but the back, unlike the bridge is parallel to the floor. Pulling socks and relying on the fingers try to push the pelvis as high as possible to freeze at the point of 2 seconds, then return to the starting position.

side bar

You can add to the workout dumbbells, unless forces allow. From the classic straight strips you will need to deploy the unit to the right while lifting the right arm. Hold a look at his right hand, stand still in this uncomfortable position for 50-60 seconds. Return to the starting strip and repeat the load on the other side of the body.

Planck fitball

The same strap on his elbows, but with an emphasis on fitball. Rotate the ball clockwise movements of the body, the feet at the same time its position do not leave. Exercise maximum load on the muscles of the bark - a man distant from the sport to begin with is not worth it.