Interesting facts about weapons in the US

• Interesting facts about weapons in the United States

It should be someone in the United States staged a massacre (massacre), as immediately raises the question of civil weapons and banning. And here again. Therefore, we give some interesting facts on this issue.

The US is home to about 5% of the world population, which in the hands of more than 50% of the civil weapon of the planet. Barrels in the United States clearly more than people.

Interesting facts about weapons in the US

According to statistics, in the United States on arms more people die from suicide - about 2/3. Only 1/3 - murder.

Most of the killings involving firearms occur in poor neighborhoods and districts.

Most of the killings occur in the closed environment of organized gangs. Ret each other.

Indeed, in states where more weapons, more kills occur with its use.

I wonder what is happening in these states and more suicides among white men, while Black has a better chance of being shot in his yard from a passing car.

If you have weapons at home, then your chances of being shot increase several times. Mass killings forced people to flee in droves to shop for weapons. Buy self-defense.

When talking about the prohibition of civilian weapons, opponents of the ban cite the example of Norway, where it is very difficult with a weapon that has not stopped Breivik armed to the teeth and kill 77 people.

Opponents cite the example of Australia, where after the massacre in 1996 (the massacre of 35 people), the government required citizens to surrender their weapons. And after that there was no mass execution of people.

80% of the mass murderers possessed weapons quite legally.

Experts say that the best experience in Japan, which is completely forbidden any civilian weapons and stupid is no murders using firearms. Movies about yakuza - bullshit.

United States - a very brutal country in terms of the number of crimes. But over the past 40 years, the number of murders has decreased in two.