Macabre killings of children by nannies

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that choose to nurse your baby should be very careful. The case when it is better once again to be safe than to entrust the child to a stranger.

Macabre killings of children by nannies

We do not recommend reading this material impressionable people - truly monstrous events described here. Which once again it shows that in any case can not leave the child with untested people or neighbors, even for half an hour.

Elzbieta Plakovski

Macabre killings of children by nannies

October 30, 2012 Plakovski friends looked after her daughter - a five-year girl Olivia and his son, seven-year Justin. That night she was stabbed with a knife two kids. Justin was applied to 100 beats, Olivia - 500. Before that, the nurse called them into the bedroom, forced to kneel and pray before he died.

After his arrest Plakovski constantly changed the details of his story. At first she denied the fact that the killed children, insisting that someone broke into the house and killed Justin and Olivia, as she moved away to smoke. Then the nurse claimed that the children were possessed by the devil. Later, the "devil" in the truest sense of the word has been replaced by a metaphorical "devil society." Plakovski heard voices in his head and insisted on his madness, citing an injury due to the recent death of his father. Finally, she admitted that she killed Justin to avenge her husband, and Olivia just became accidental witness to the murder.

Macabre killings of children by nannies

Arthur Plakovski worked as a truck driver and often not at home. Elzbieta accused him that he has destroyed their marriage. Arthur said the opposite, that they had all been normal in the family.

As a result of a psychiatric examination Elzbieta was acquitted - because of his mental state is not able to appear before the court before his cure.

Michael Plyumador

Macabre killings of children by nannies

In the Alianoy Lemmon and her two sisters took care of their neighbor, Michael - their mother was ill, and his father worked at night. In December 2011, Aliana disappeared and was declared wanted. Plyumador told police that, most likely, she left him alone the trailer and went home alone.

There was Christmas, but no trace of Alia police are not discovered. Later attracted the FBI, and then Plyumador admitted that a girl beat a heavy stone, and after the dismembered body of a saw, hacksaw, for some reason, put in the freezer of her head, hands and feet, and got rid of the remains.

Macabre killings of children by nannies

Plyumador never revealed the motive of the act, as to why he left two other girls intact. Plyumadora sentenced to death, but after he pleaded guilty, the sentence was changed to life imprisonment without the right of correspondence.

Frederick Mitchell

Macabre killings of children by nannies

21-year-old Frederick Mitchell was sitting with a six-month baby, the son of one of his neighbors. For some unknown reason, coming out of himself, Mitchell threw the child against the wall. The child was taken to hospital, where he died a few days later.

Later, Mitchell's mother admitted that her son suffered from short-term loss of consciousness and constant stress. She was convinced that what happened - an accident. Mitchell was charged with criminal intent and sentenced to a fine of $ 1 million, but the coroner later determined that the child's death was a result of the murder, and the crime was classified in this way.

Marquita Burch

Macabre killings of children by nannies

In 2012, Marquita looked after the one-year old William for several weeks. May 25 Markita told police that William escaped during a walk in the park. Over five hours of police, firefighters and neighbors searched for the child. Markita also admitted that, in fact, the child was dead - she hid it in a closet in the house of her cousin. Babysitting claimed that she was not to blame for his death, she simply found the child at the foot of the stairs - he probably fell. She gave him ibuprofen and put him to bed. The child became worse, and, instead, to take him to the hospital, she panicked, wrapped it in a garbage bag and hid.

By the time the child was found, he had been dead at least 48 hours. The cause of death was a brain hemorrhage. Markita was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 19 and 5 years in prison.

Yoslin Ortega

Macabre killings of children by nannies

50-year-old woman hired Krim family to look after her three children. Marina Krim, the mother of the family, returned home after took his three sons to swimming lessons, and found the bodies of two of their children in a bathtub filled with blood. Six-year-year-old Lucia and Leo were stabbed his own nanny.

As soon as Marina enter the house as Ortega began stabbing himself with a knife with such fury that the knife came out of the neck with the other hand. Ortega and children were taken to the hospital. Ortega managed to save the doctors, but she never admitted into the causes of his crime. One of the reasons may be the family refusal Cream increase her salary - money she needed to take her child from the Dominican Republic.

it was not possible to save the children.