Wise sayings about thirty celebrities

• The wise sayings of celebrities thirty

Wise sayings about thirty celebrities

"The most difficult adolescence - between thirty and forty." Andre Maurois

"When the woman turned thirty, the first thing she begins to forget is your age; and at forty he was completely obliterated from her memory. " Ninon de l'Enclos

"Women who are over thirty, are in their best shape, but a man in his thirties, is too old to appreciate it." Jean-Paul Belmondo

"Do not trust anyone over thirty!" The slogan of the American counterculture of the 1960s

"In a normal female biography - up to thirty years chronology, after thirty mythology." Don Aminado

Wise sayings about thirty celebrities

"To my taste, sexiest women - about 35. They know a lot about yourself, and knowledge is always tempting". Pierce Brosnan

"She was still thirty-five years, ever since she turned forty." Oscar Wilde

"When you're 13, you want a free drink beer, but when you're 30, you dream about, to a bartender to ask you a passport." Carrie Bradshaw

"What we can remember, Samantha celebrated every year 35". Carrie Bradshaw

"I am thirty years old. I came out five years from the age when you can lie to myself and call it honesty ". F. Scott Fitzgerald

"After 30 years, the actors begin to play the parents, and it seems a natural progression. But I disagree with that! Never before, you do not feel so strong and passionate, at this age. " Jodie Foster "The body is in better shape between 30 and 35 years." Aristotle

"If at age 20 you are not a communist, then you have no heart. If at age 30 you are not a capitalist, then you have no brain. " George Bernard Shaw

"35 years old - an insidious figure. When you finally get your head on your shoulders, but the body begins to fall apart. " Karin Lesch

"Thirty we want to make friends. A 40 understand that they will not save us more than love. " F. Scott Fitzgerald

"In the twenty years I thought I knew everything about life. At thirty I realized that I knew nothing. Ten years I spent to learn that then have to throw out of my head. " Frederic Beigbeder "When you celebrate thirty comes the sacred moment: you know what you act like your parents." Blair Sabol

"This is a very important moment in my life. I'm getting a real woman, and finally, I can express myself. " Beyoncé

"30th anniversary was an important event for me. In this age, I realized that when there are thoughts that me something does not like it, it is necessary to be alone with herself, only to devote itself at least 15 or 30 minutes a day. " Reese Witherspoon

"In the 30 years she was to herself upright conversation and felt duality. It was as if the two women: one core reason - another sense, one suffered - the other is no longer willing to suffer. " Honore de Balzac

Wise sayings about thirty celebrities