Quotes Brigitte Macron about love, politics and fashion

• Quotes Brigitte Macron about love, politics and fashion

Quotes Brigitte Macron about love, politics and fashion

The most urgent recognition of the first lady of the new format

In Europe, Brigitte started a real craze. France's first lady 64 years old, she is married to a man who is younger than her 24 years.

20 years ago, the teacher drama group Brigitte nobody gave assurances that prospect after 60. No one said that the divorce from her husband, with whom they are raising three children - this is the right decision. Besides, who would have thought that school love Emmanuel will last a lifetime, and that afterwards he will take the first position of the country.

1. I think that the twenty-first century will be feminine. That woman will be able to find a way out for this world.

2. Like all my predecessors, I'll take care of social life, but now the French are aware of all the resources at my disposal.

3. I do not feel like a first lady. This is generally the translation of the American expression, which does not have anything to do with me. I do not feel neither the first nor the last, and even lady. I Macron Brigitte! ".

4. Over twenty years with Emmanuel I'm used to that with me all the time there are incredible things. I can not imagine what else lies ahead ?.

5. When I read about us, it seems that I am reading about the koto else. After all, our history - it is so simple.

6. The only problem with Emmanuel - he is younger than me.

7. I love fashion and style of French. 8. I spend a lot of effort in order to properly present themselves. I never leave the house without hair and properly.

9. We have breakfast in the morning - I and my wrinkles and he and his freshness. Yes it is.

10. We polish each other's brains out.

11. If I did not, my life would have passed me.

12. 24-year age difference was not so important. I felt I had to live this love.

13. Are you surprised that the couple re-do everything together ?! So, it is time.

14. When Emmanuel was 17, he told me, "Whatever you do, I will still'll marry you."

15. We call back and spent hours on the phone. So gradually his patience, he beat my resistance.

16. He was not like the others. There was not a teenager. On the other adults he behaved as equals.

17. I have to pay attention to everything and as much as possible to protect it.

18. Love swept away everything in its path and led me to the first divorce. She was impossible to resist.

19. On the issues about the age difference: "I used to take them painful. But then I said to myself: "Shut your mouth and just wait, when they will end."

20. I wear a skirt above the knee, not a mini. Mini I wore when I was much younger. We hid them in bags, and then put before the dance rock 'n' roll.