Memories of famous siege of Leningrad

September 8, 1941 began the blockade of Leningrad. More than two years, the city has fought hunger, suffering enormous human losses. Surrounded appeared and future actors, musicians, poets, whose memories we have collected.

Memories of famous siege of Leningrad

Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin

actress, 78 years old

Memories of famous siege of Leningrad

In the beginning of the blockade Lida Fedoseyeva was two years old, her family shared a communal apartment with forty tenants! Her mother and her two children - a daughter and a son Lida Germany - spent the entire siege in the besieged Leningrad. The next year after the war Lida Fedoseyev went to school.

Alisa Freundlich

actress, 82 years old

Memories of famous siege of Leningrad

In September, Alice Freundlich went to the first class, and a week later began the blockade. According to the actress, her family had "escaped" the pre-war supplies mustard that made edible infamous blockade the jelly of wood glue. From memories of the actress: "Stoked mainly furniture, all burned, in addition to what they should have been sleeping and sitting. The stove burned the complete works of Tolstoy, lifetime edition. But then: either death, or book into the fire ... "Condition aggravated the actress and her origins - German surname aroused the hatred of others.

Father of actress had to be evacuated and not returned to the family, and in winter 41-th in the Freundlich house hit by a shell:

"We returned home and saw the broken windows and doors, a piano, a poor, covered in plaster, all swept ..."

When it Freundlich continued to go to school, but the hours spent in the classroom, it was hardly a study: "I remember how intensely looked at the clock when the shooter finally comes to the correct division and it will be possible to eat a tiny slice of bread rations? Such hard mode gave us a grandmother - and because we survived. "

Galina Vishnevskaya

opera singer, 1926-2012

Memories of famous siege of Leningrad

The future actress met the beginning of the blockade of 15-year-old school girl, an orphan. Galina Mom threw her almost immediately after birth in the care of her grandmother, and her father had a new family. Grandmother Artist blockade did not survive. "So far, so no one has described the horror that was the blockade", - said artist. In 16 years, Vishnevskaya served in air defense units, and also performed with the songs on the ships, in the Kronstadt forts and huts.

"To describe the human condition in the blockade is difficult - says Vishnevskaya. - I do not suffer from hunger, but just quietly weakened and more and more sleep. I lived in some half-asleep. Swollen from hunger, sitting alone, wrapped in a blanket in an empty apartment and wanted to ... I do not about the food. Floated before me castles, knights, kings. So I'm going to the park in a beautiful dress with crinolines, the Duke appears, falls in love with me, marry me ... tormented a perpetual feeling of cold, when nothing can warm up ... "

Ilya Reznik

Poet, 79 years old

Memories of famous siege of Leningrad

The future of the poet as a child abandoned by her mother, who later remarried and gave birth to triplets. The father of the poet fought and died in 1944 at the front. Reznik blockade survived along with his grandparents on his father, who later adopted a boy. In 1943, the family was evacuated to the Urals, but by the end of the war returned to Leningrad.

Ilya Glazunov

artist, 1930-2017

Memories of famous siege of Leningrad

The blockade Glazunov lost his parents, uncle, aunt and grandmother ... 12-year-old Elijah was taken from Lake Ladoga through the famous "Road of Life", but after the lifting of the blockade in 1944 Glazunov returned to his native Leningrad.

Elena Obraztsova

opera singer, 75 years old

Memories of famous siege of Leningrad

To the actress at the beginning of the blockade was only 2 years old, but it is much remembered from childhood: "Air alarm, air-raid shelters, queuing for bread in 40-degree cold, under the window of the hospital where was taken to the bodies, a terrible famine, when cooked and eaten all that was made of leather. " In 1943, the Model family evacuated to the Vologda region.

Valentina Leontiev

speaker and television presenter, 1923-2007

Memories of famous siege of Leningrad

The war caught Leontiev 17-year-old graduate ... Instead Institute Valentina with her sister enrolled in a medical orderlies, helping the wounded and sick, but Leontyeva could not save his own father ... A man donated blood for the war effort, to get extra rations for the family, and once , examining the furniture for firewood, injured his hand, blood poisoning began. He died in the hospital. After his death, the family managed to evacuate: "In 1942, opened the" Road of Life ", we have been able to leave. I, my mother and sister Lucy got. Mom saved us, causing smoke to less hungry, but Lyusin son, whom she gave birth in the beginning of the war, had died on the road, my sister did not let him be buried. She buried the body in the near snowbank. "