How to check the reliability of the aircraft

Aircraft, despite the high-profile plane crashes in recent years, continue to be the safest transport. Not to mention the fact that, thanks to the speed and range, it is the most convenient way to move around the world.

A small selection of video how to test the safety of passenger aircraft - without the use of pilots and passengers. At the same time we find out where the plane is the safest place.

How to check the reliability of the aircraft

The search for safe places

Passengers are often looking for a safe place in the cabin. But their opinions about where they are, are different - front, middle or rear. In 2012, the British television channel "Channel 4" bought a Boeing 727 and sent him to land in the Mexican desert at speeds of 257 km / h, to find out. The front part of the plane fell off, and the others received less damage.

In the first 11 rows were "dead," and the rest of the 78% "survived." But this is only an experiment. The tragic experience of these air crashes by saving case gives similar results. According to US statistics, sitting back often to survive than sitting in front. During the construction of the aircraft simulated different situations that affect the design of the device, which is to ensure the safety of all on board.

Survival rates for different parts of the passenger compartment, based on an analysis of all accidents in the United States commercial aircraft in 1971, published by Popular Mechanics:

How to check the reliability of the aircraft

The Taming of the turbulence

Tremors of the aircraft in flight because of turbulence for many passengers becomes very unpleasant episode, but have nothing to fear: in the construction of aircraft tests of this kind is required to carry out. If an aircraft wings remained immovable, they would have collapsed during turbulence. Therefore, the wings of modern passenger jets are very flexible. They can bend in 1, 5 times, and this is verified by special tests.

Another way to check the behavior of the aircraft in turbulence - a test in air or aerotrube. At the airport using artificial wind vortices. They are painted in different colors to make it clear how they twisted the air. Vortices, turbulence components, catch an airplane wing.

Braking in water

Landing aircraft must be able to any surface of the runway - even if it is dusty, slippery or wet. Landing in the rain or snow - always a difficult task, and the technology must not let down at this point. On trials the plane lands, not only on a dry surface. Inhibition of a large puddle allows to know the engine, chassis, and other portions of the aircraft carry water.

Test powerful engines

The quest for fuel economy in recent decades, forcing manufacturers to reduce the number of engines on the long-haul aircraft such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350. Instead of the four engines on airplanes set two. But both of them have to be strong and able to take on the functions of each other in case of failure.

General Electric Company is experiencing in the US state of Ohio, the engine GEnx-2B aircraft for Boeing 747. Its weight is 5, 6 tons, and the value of the thrust 67, 000 feet - about like 700 small hatchbacks. The surrounding area, where there is a motor enclosed by concrete walls 6 meters wide, and they put different sensors.

The confrontation birds

At the landfill are General Electric and other tests related to the dangers in the air. For example, a bird that gets into the engine, can inflict fatal damage such as during takeoff and at an altitude of several thousand meters. Check it simple - shoot carcasses. As seen in the video, the serviceable engine continues to run.

Find a comfortable temperature

The air temperature in the passenger compartment - an important factor in a comfortable flight. To understand how to improve the micro-climate, modern testers using not real people and mannequins. They are equipped with temperature sensors - to trim the cabin, too, are the sensors. Recent experiments with ventilation led to a new pumping air into the system: it does not come out of the hole in the ceiling and slowly out of the hole in the floor, thus avoiding drafts.

Behind the temperature is far from comfortable - there we are talking about the survival of the ship. To check the envelope of the aircraft used by a large freezer, which lowers the air temperature up to - 55 degrees Celsius.

How to check the reliability of the aircraft