Useless things, who want to now almost all pupils

• Useless things that want to now almost all students

Useless things, who want to now almost all pupils

The fact that it is not necessary for the child in school.

In the age of high-tech gadget market is simply too full. Eyes run! Including the children who have gone to school and saw his neighbor in the hands of another Gadgets, and now convince parents that it necessarily need to buy. In this survey, "five" such popular among children and totally useless gadgets.

1. E-books

Useless things, who want to now almost all pupils

The book should be out of paper.

E-book thing convenient and practical, able to save a lot of space in your bag. It is useful to have on hand when you need to go somewhere far away. Hundreds and thousands of books in a single tablet. However, it is not necessary to buy a child. Books as a child must be present, and heavy paper, they should crush the tips pages and be sure to bookmark.

2 bracelets with a tracking sensor

Useless things, who want to now almost all pupils

are not as useful as they seem.

In the last few years, it has become "fashionable" to promote all kinds of children's bracelets with tracking systems, even with GPS. To know where the child is - it is useful. For parent. But whether it will be useful for the child? Feeling that is constantly watching every step you take - not the best. "Good" intentions of advertising in the spirit of "if your baby is stolen" sounds tempting, but rather a good parent will be able to convey to the child the information that is not necessary to go anywhere, talk to strangers and always to inform seniors, how are you doing.

3. Laptop for Students

Useless things, who want to now almost all pupils

For what it's for.

There are special models on the market of mobile for younger children devices and computers. Manufacturers like to claim that such a technique is not afraid of even the most barbaric attitude to itself and its strength and reliability envy army notebooks are designed to operate in harsh environments. Why buy a child - the question unanswered. Instill a love of digital technology in children of costs already at an older age, using high-grade equipment and a healthy interest in this same technology, such as programming.

4. Interactive maps and globes

Useless things, who want to now almost all pupils

The most useless thing in the world.

Find possible and such curiosities. "Smart" maps and globes with a stylus to help in the study of geography. Such voiced the names of rivers, countries, mountains, and all other objects. How many children interested in geography - is another question unanswered. Another question - why do we need such a thing, when there are much better cards on the Internet. This globe is likely to gather dust on a shelf in two days from date of purchase.

5. "Smart" appliances

Useless things, who want to now almost all pupils

Interesting clock.

Do not buy a child of only one whim expensive "smart" technology. First, it breaks down. Second, the draws to a child or young person is absolutely not the right attention of outsiders. Third, in the hands of a child "smart" watches, trekkers, speakers and more does not bear any practical load. It is best to buy your child the usual, reliable mechanical or electronic clock, with a good level of protection. Buy a simple but functional smartphone with a capacious battery, which will always allow the fumes to contact the parents or get on the Internet. Fortunately, in the price range up to 300 dollars enough wonderful examples of mobile technology.