Photos of the pregnant woman with a swarm of bees

Sometimes the photographer ask for a completely standard photos, for which he has already prepared all the attributes, and the photographer himself more than ready. And there are very different customers who want an individual approach and, at times, can their ideas seriously impress even professional. For example, a pregnant woman in Ohio ordered photographing herself pregnant, but only to the scenery at the same time served as a ... 20 000 bees.

Photos of the pregnant woman with a swarm of bees Photos of the pregnant woman with a swarm of bees

"People think that I subjected her child at risk, - says Emilie Muller (Emily Mueller), the heroine of the story. - But the bees are very gentle, and I hope that my photos will help other people to believe that these insects are not so scary as many people think. "

This is due to the dedication is actually quite simple: Emily knows that does, as owns a company for the production of honey Mueller Honey Bee and Rescue.

"Not terrible, but rather emotionally rich, - says about his feelings Emily. - Of course, I was nervous at first, but then realized it was just a very exciting moment in my life. My adrenaline raging in the blood, and I have nothing else did not think only about 20,000 bees in my stomach. It was quite an amazing connection with nature, and to see how a bee crawling on my stomach, where the child was very inspiring. "

Photos of the pregnant woman with a swarm of bees

At that time, for most people, the bees do not look inspiring even for a second, and even more so, when tens of thousands of insects, Emily has a story that explains its relation to these insects as special creatures. Together with her husband, Ryan, Emily began to breed bees after she had several times miscarriages. She needed something to switch, so as not to get hung up on his spiritual experiences. The couple already have three children - Kaden (10 years), Meydelin (3 years) and Westin (1 year), and they were very happy to know that they will now fourth child.

"The bees symbolize new life. We started to deal with them after my second miscarriage. I needed some new outlet - Emily says. - I'm all plunged into a new business, and it helped me through my grief, which at that time seemed insurmountable. Some people do yoga in such cases, and I took up the bees. "

Photos of the pregnant woman with a swarm of bees

"Our child will be in November, and it will be our last child. Therefore, we would like to remember that pregnancy in a special way. And of course, I was so right - hey, I want to bee in my stomach, let's do a photo shoot! "

Emily phoned photographer Kendra Demis (Kendrah Damis), and even with the authorities, to agree on the possibility to realize their idea (shooting took place in the city park). "When I approach the bees, I can tell whether they are aggressive or not right now." Emily chose a swarm of bees, which was in its very peace-loving state. In addition, she has been a swarm of bees transfer experience from one branch to another. To do this, you need to feed the bees to satiety: Emily gave them sugar water, so after eating their fill insects were not in the mood to bite, despite the fact that they were afraid from their homes insolently branches.

Photos of the pregnant woman with a swarm of bees

"I have been working with bees every day, it's my job, and it is normal to see the bees for me crawling on my body. People think that I am exposed to the risk of my child by doing this, but it's just because they do not know about bees as much as I do. "

And, of course, everyone is interested in, and whether it bee sting at all. "Of course, I was stung a bee - meets Emily. - In particular, when I was pregnant. But there was never any consequences. There are no studies that it could be in any way harmful to the fetus. "

Photos of the pregnant woman with a swarm of bees

Emily with the family sells honey at the local fair.

As to the photo shoot, then, as Emily admits, it stung four times, but she says that it was her own fault because she accidentally crushed a few bees. But even if all of a sudden something happened and the whole swarm would become aggressive, Emily was in this case prepared a "plan B." "I'd ripped off her dress and ran to the garage. There would have to turn on the light, and the bees would fly to the light. "

Photos of the pregnant woman with a swarm of bees

"It was a very inspiring experience - Emily says. - Bees have become exactly what can as accurately as possible to express that which is our family. We're just happy. And I think we will be a girl, but we have to wait until November to know for sure. "