Products, from which it is better to refuse absolutely

• Products, from which absolutely refuse better

Before the holidays, there is very little, and you're probably anticipating abundant feast. Make sure that there would be these harmful products in the menu: nutritionists have proven that they do not have anything at all useful. A harmful - more than enough.

Products, from which it is better to refuse absolutely

Products that can not be eaten


Fat, fat, salt and flavor enhancers. The most harmful food. Coffin, casket, cemetery.

Donuts, muffins

Sugar Bombs. Fatty sugar bomb.

The sweet "cereal" with milk

Unreal amount of gluten and sugar + irritating effect on mucous membranes of the digestive tract.

White Chocolate

In fact, he almost did not chocolate: cocoa in it only 35%. And because almost all good chocolate is absent, and 24 spoons of sugar plitochki - present.


Well, you know yourself what products are harmful? 500 calories in a small bag.

diet sodas

Sweet Dummy insulin which developed a and absorb nothing. Hello, diabetes. White bread

Carbohydrate bomb without the slightest share of nutrients. Net calories.

Salty cookies-Bretzel

What foods can not be eaten on a diet? Munch-munch. The 10 pieces - 300 calories. Yum yum

Fish sticks

Trans fats are unknown rybomusorom under the breading.


The two circled average size - a daily dose of sodium. And sodium is almost everywhere, so the overdose on the first try.


Whole milk kills your skin, causing acne, and your vessels, arranging them to attack the cholesterol.

The juice of the pack

It's not juice. This powder is diluted with water, plus preservatives, flavorings and other zdoroveubivatory.

Prepared sauces

Thickeners and dyes give them an appetizing appearance, but believe me: it is not necessary.

ice cream

With dzhemchikom, wafers, chocolate chips and other "gifts" to the pancreas. Mmmm!