Penalties for women for adultery in the past

Betrayal of his regular partner is not encouraged today, but it is punished for it in the past - simply terrible. And punished, of course, only women.

Penalties for women for adultery in the past


According to the national representations, to be guilty of adultery could only be a woman, not a man. The punishment was "defamatory" - a woman not deprived of life intentionally, though not everyone managed to survive. In the south-western and central parts of the country women "mated to the post" for a few days, drove through the streets naked, while anyone could hit a woman and throw her in something. Cossacks staged false "swimming in a lasso" in the hole. However, if the traitor was willing to publicly admit to infidelity, Cossack was supposed to forgive her. What is interesting, than the south of the region, the more strictly punished for female adultery - up to the beating deaths; and farther north, the softer attitude to infidelity. "Softness" northerners was due to an excess of the male population.

Western Europe

In medieval Europe, women found guilty of adultery, was punished by life imprisonment in a monastery or disfigured them, depriving the nose, mouth or ears. It has been extended and the death penalty for treason women. Women prefer to burn because it was thought that the death at the stake "cleans" and can save a lost soul unhappy.


Thais now - one of the most peaceful and friendly nations, and they came up with the most severe punishment possible in the past. The woman was placed in a specially designed cage, after which it was adjusted elephant, confident that the female in front of him. Animal literally tore unfortunate.


Woman daubed bacon and incited her hungry dogs.


In northern Burma, in principle, there was no punishment of women the problem: all the girls at an early age is put on the neck ring, and each goal is increasing the number of rings, craning his neck. By the time of puberty, the neck is extended so that the head can not keep on atrophied muscles themselves. If a woman is unfaithful to her husband, with her neck just shooting hoops, and she either died of a fracture of the cervical vertebrae, or remain crippled.

The Roman Empire

In the Roman Empire unfaithful women sold in the market place for everyone. Later they began to cut off their noses. Naturally, men's infidelity in principle, not considered to be an act worthy of blame.


Women's treason is punishable by death, and kill the wrong could anyone and in any way convenient for him. At the same time in Sparta adultery was not considered an act worthy of censure, even, not to mention the penalties.

Islamic state

In Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan and Nigeria, according to Sharia, convicted of infidelity stoned. This cruel punishment is still used.

Papua - New Guinea

Amazingly, most compassionate women were Papuans: a woman caught in adultery, remained alive. He executed a man who is seduced by another man's wife. He cut off his head, but not before he had to eat finger of his mistress.