What would happen if an asteroid will fall to Earth and falls into the ocean

• What would happen if an asteroid will fall to Earth and falls into the ocean

What would happen if an asteroid will fall to Earth and falls into the ocean

In films such as, for example, "Armageddon", Hollywood often tries to answer the question of what would happen if a comet or asteroid will fall to Earth in the ocean. And if there is a scientific study that is even remotely can we show this? It turns out there is.

The US National Center for Atmospheric Research has published a new video which shows what happens after a huge chunk of the asteroid will fall into the ocean.

These simulations based on data scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, showed how asteroids of different sizes enter the water at different angles.

- NCAR Science (@NCAR_Science) November 29, 2018

In the video there is a comparison of two possible scenarios: an asteroid hit without explosion (when the 250-meter intact asteroid falls into the ocean) and hit with a blast (when an asteroid of the same size is falling apart before hitting the water). Provided data gives scientists the opportunity to examine the different dimensions of the asteroid.

Simulation also compares the different angles at which the asteroid hits the water. And, apparently, the more acute the angle, the greater the likelihood that the drop will cause a tsunami.

Chance that some stray asteroid will hit the Earth in the near future, very little. Half kilometer asteroid flies past the diameter of our planet about once in a million years. However, scientists have noticed in space asteroid diameter of 1, 1 kilometer, which could come close to the world through 860 years. But the probability of this meeting is also very small - only 0, 3 percent. However, no one forbids us to be ready for anything, even with such a low probability. According to the report the scientists who created this amazing simulation, NASA is closely monitoring the potentially hazardous asteroids to Earth. And according to scientists, if still some distant asteroid will reach the Earth's surface, it is likely to fall into the ocean, which means serious consequences for coastal populations.

The Coordination Center of NASA planetary protection are very interested to know the minimum size limit dangerous asteroids, so you can focus on finding the larger objects that could potentially threaten our planet. And since most of the surface of the earth covered by water, then most likely, there will land asteroid.

"This observation last 20 years raises serious debate about how dangerous the wave caused by the impact, or the tsunami in coastal settlements."