How to shoot the film "Prisoner of If Castle"

• How to shoot the film "Prisoner of the Chateau d'If"

30 years ago the movie "Prisoner of If Castle" was filmed, which is called the classics of Soviet cinema and one of the best adaptations of the novel by Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. " Why starring Mikhail Boyarsky refused to appear, which is why the role of the director-Jungvald Khil'kevich considered fatal for Viktor Avilov and Eugene Dvorzhetsky - later in the review.

How to shoot the film How to shoot the film

Film was directed by George Yungvald Khil'kevich-known for his adaptations of works of Dumas ( "The Three Musketeers," "The Three Musketeers Twenty Years Later"). As these works, "The Prisoner of If Castle" was quite far from the original literary work. Above scenario Jungvald-Khil'kevich worked with Mark Zakharov, and both originally starring Mikhail Boyarsky seen exclusively. But the actor refused the role - it seemed to him insufficiently interesting. As a result, it is still persuaded to star in this film, but in the image of Fernand Mondego.

How to shoot the film

Mikhail Boyarsky in the film Prisoner of the Chateau d'If * * 1988 | Photo:

As a result, the main role went to Victor Avilova - stage actor, who began acting in movies in just one year before. He was surprised that he was offered a role - the Count of Monte Cristo played exceptionally handsome, and he himself did not consider this, though, and had on women's magnetic influence. But the director persuaded him that he - the best candidate: in his opinion, this role had to play a man with great inner strength, at a glance that the audience will understand how much he had to endure trials and how he is obsessed with revenge. And Avilova this role was the hallmark!

How to shoot the film

Victor Avila in the role of the Count of Monte Cristo | Photo:

The director said: "Avilova Ethnicity produced damning impression on women - they fall in love with him in droves. I was convinced then, when during the filming of almost all women of our group - who is in secret, and who clearly - sigh of Vita. And this appearance have been Avilova masculine charm, powerful inner strength, dazzling smile ... Being a wonderful storyteller, in any company, he immediately became her soul. Meeting with him, even if it only happened once, it was impossible to forget. " Unfortunately, the actor played a bit role in the film - in 2004 he was diagnosed with the last stage of stomach cancer, and the doctors could not save him.

How to shoot the film

Eugene Dvorzhetsky in the film Prisoner of the Chateau d'If * * 1988 | Photo:

Prematurely died and actor Yevgeny Dvorzhetsky, Edmond Dantes who played in his youth. In 39 years, he died in a car crash. Jungvald-Khil'kevich said about this: "Probably, the very role of Monte Cristo carried with it some mystical beginning ... After Edmond Dantes came out of prison, in fact, takes on the functions which from time immemorial belonged to the Lord God - judges, summary and shows mercy. But man has not any right to it. It turns out that for the mistake made Dantes, had to pay performers of his role. "

How to shoot the film

Anna Samokhina in the film Prisoner of the Chateau d'If * * 1988 | Photo:

The role of the Mercedes was the debut for actress Anna Samokhina. It identified and its further successful film career - because before that she lost her roles in theater because of what went on maternity leave, and pause in her creative life long. Actress for the female lead were looking all over the country, and no one expected that it will be found in Rostov-on-Don, where she played at the Theater of Young Spectators, until went on maternity leave. She tracked down a hostel in the theater, where she lived with her husband and daughter. The actress was not prepared for the meeting, and she had been caught by surprise by the stove in the communal kitchen in a simple robe, without hair and makeup. To convince visitors that she - exactly the one they are looking for, she gave them their photos "in full fig," and the next day she was invited to the shooting.

How to shoot the film

Anna Samokhin Mikhail Boyarsky at the shooting | Photo:

The film became one of the richest of its crew geography - worked in Odessa, Crimea, Leningrad, Riga, Tallinn, and even in Italy and in France, where they filmed the real d'If castle. Beside him, Victor Avilova had to swim in the icy water, and even at night. The actor said: "November, holodina, night, dark ... French sailors stand on the deck and look at me like I was an idiot. But I dressed in the water splash! Operators of the team: "Victor, sails!" On the sea - complete darkness. I sail. "Turn around! We went to "There floated - floated back. "Victor ... Now we change the cassette. Even take! ".

How to shoot the film

Valentina Valentina Voilkova movies * Pokrovsky Gates * 1982 and * Prisoner of the Chateau d'If * 1988 | Photo:

One of the recent work in film was the role of Mrs. Eloise de Villefort for the actress Valentina Valentina Voilkova. National popularity has brought her role of Rita in "Pokrovsky Gates", after which she battered only bit parts. And at the end of the 1980s. actress married a Frenchman, and in 1991 left the country.