Signs that your partner is lying

Signs that your partner is lying

As the hero of the popular series, "lied to all," and in this he was absolutely right. Lie, bankers and beggars, parents and children, the criminals and the police, and most of all lie, of course, the officials - we can say it is an integral part of their job.

Some people cheat skillfully, others only a clumsy attempt to hide the truth, but one way or another - all lie. In some cases, the truth is far more bizarre simple but false version of the events, so before you bring the alleged liar to clean water, better make sure that it really leads you by the nose. Some characteristic features of the behavior of liars, you will find in this collection.

Signs that your partner is lying

1. A look at the floor or directly in the eyes

If a person is lying, usually, he avoids eye contact, not to impersonate. However, some liars in front trying to meet as often as possible the views with the speaker. Direct view "in the eye" always gives credence to the narrative than successfully used by many sophisticated and experienced liars. If during a conversation you can not even catch a glimpse of the source, and then he begins to steadily and persistently to look into the eyes, do not believe the words of this hypocrite.

Signs that your partner is lying

Extensive speech with long phrases.

Liars tend to avoid direct short phrases - the longer monologues, the unhurried conversation going, and lying about have more time to consider further sentence.

Very typical for cheaters questions like, "Where did you get this information?" Are also used for companion launched into an explanation, giving the liar opportunity to develop other measures to misinformation.

Signs that your partner is lying

3. The postures and gestures.

Body language is much more truthful speech - the one who is able to skillfully introduce companion astray, can not always control the smallest manifestation of his insecurity.

If a man says very clearly, but at the same time fidgeting in his chair, facing away from the listener, constantly crosses his arms and touches his face, received information from him is best to double-check.

4. Additional details.

Some cheaters in conversation like to mention various details - in their opinion, due to the many details the false stories become more believable.

The two sides do not always believe the story of the complex plot and lots of "lyrical digressions" true, so that this technique is often only reduces the credibility of the narrator, but that does not stop liars.

Signs that your partner is lying

5. "The best defense - attack."

If you talk to a liar you dare to doubt his knowledge, be prepared for a counterattack - likely hypocrite portray the deepest indignation your distrust, the next few minutes will assure that the honest man it you will not find in the whole world, and then try to turn the conversation other topics.

As a rule, people who speak the truth, do not behave - they do not need to avoid the slippery in the conversation, so that they are much less nervous and do not try to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the interlocutor, but quietly stand on his own.

Signs that your partner is lying

6. inconsistencies in various versions.

Liars often decorate their bikes a large number of picturesque details, but on the really important not to speak. To be sure that the interviewee does not hide something important and significant, try to quietly write down his story on tape, and then return to it after a few days and discuss some of the details. If a kind of "confrontation" with himself interlocutor confused in the "readings", forgetting that he had said before, most likely, your suspicions "foul play" justified.

Signs that your partner is lying

7. The eye movements.

When talking to a right-handed note how moving his eyes - when being asked a question the narrator looks up and to the left - this shows that he is trying to remember something, and moving look right and up usually occurs if the person on the go invents convenient for you version. Exactly the same phenomenon, but in mirror image, observed in left-handers: memory access their eyes move to the right and upward, and when connected fantasy - up and left. If the hands overlap with movement of the eyes, it is even more clearly speaks about possible fraud.

Also liars during a conversation are more inclined to blink and rub his eyes, so if you notice a behavior similar features to the interlocutor, but vision problems he does not have, most likely he was lying.

Signs that your partner is lying

8. The smell of sweat.

Strictly speaking, if a person sweats, we can not say that he is a liar. Changes in the level of sweating - one of the main signs of fraud in the lie-detector test, but many people tend to heavily sweat with great excitement or stress, so that the smell of sweat can only serve as indirect evidence of the falsity, but if a person does not just suddenly began to sweat, but flushed and even began to stutter - or he is extremely anxious, or you hang noodles on the ears.

Signs that your partner is lying

9. The fleeting grimace.

To expose a person in a lie, watch carefully for changes in his expression - in the beginning of the conversation liars often make mistakes, allowing true emotions reflected in their faces: it can be a light, almost imperceptible half-smile, or, on the contrary, emphasize the seriousness of a grimace. As a rule, such "facial recognition" lasted only a few seconds, but it can say a lot about the intentions of the interlocutor. Some people unconsciously notice when a liar for a moment "takes off his mask," but not aware of this report and can not explain what caused the sudden surge of mistrust. This ability is often considered irrational by some "flair", but nothing supernatural about it - practice on a liar, everyone can become a walking lie detector.

Signs that your partner is lying

10. Repetition - the mother of an involuntary confession.

The interviewee told you more exciting story, but confidence in his words there? Ask her to tell again and at the same time to clarify certain details which he had mentioned earlier. If the narrator suddenly begins to think and stammer, most likely neither the first nor the second version of his story not credible.