The Dutchman wants to officially reduce the currently age

• The Dutchman wants to officially reduce the currently age

69-year-old entrepreneur from Holland wants to officially change his age so that he could go back to work and find more women on a dating site Tinder. Anyway, that's what he wrote in the lawsuit.

The Dutchman wants to officially reduce the currently age

Emil Ratelband filed a lawsuit against the government of the Netherlands in an attempt to change the date of birth in his passport to March 11, 1949 to March 11, 1969, according to the Dutch edition DeTelegraaf.

This self-proclaimed guru of positive attitude to life states that feel twenty years younger. He compares the change with the change of age sex, despite the fact that these concepts are fundamentally different.

"You can change your name. You can change the name. You can even change the floor. Why then can not change the age? This is nothing like a rough discrimination ", - he told DeTelegraaf said.

Ratelband claims that he was "a young god." He believes that a change in age will allow him to "live differently". In particular, younger age will allow him to enjoy great success with women on dating site Tinder. According to the TV channel RLE Nieuws, Ratelband also told the court that he felt slighted in their rights because of their age. Netherlands Constitution "prohibits the direct or indirect restriction of labor rights by age," but some would argue that it is the people older than fifty years the most hard hit by the austerity measures in the country.

According Ratelbanda, he feared that the company would not want to hire him to work, and the staff will be a different attitude to it because of age. "When I was 69 years old, I am limited in their rights. If I'm 49, I can buy a new house, to drive another car. I can easily find a job. When I'm on a dating site Tinder write that I am 69, I am no one is responsible ", - complains the man.

It is expected that the court in Arnhem, located in the eastern Dutch province of Gelderland, make a decision about the age Ratelbanda for four weeks.