The main qualities that every man wants to see his wife

• The main qualities that every man wants to see his wife in the

The main qualities that every man wants to see his wife

The perfect couple - Nikki Reed and Ian Somerholder.

A columnist for the American Cosmopolitan, our favorite Frank Cobol, honest answers to the burning question: what qualities must have a girl that the guy had a desire to make her his forever.

Every man wants to make the girl his wife if:

She can be trusted - and not only absurd stories from childhood, and all the secrets, absurd fears, complexes. Trust - is the foundation upon which all relationships are built harmonious. Believe me, this is the main quality that guys are looking for in life partner.

She supports him in everything. Even if the 35-year-old man said that he wanted to quit a stable job to become a magician, she supports him in everything. It applies to all its diversions with more tolerance, love and understanding, even if the situation is quite useless. It's worth it, though.

It has its own ambition and motivation. There are girls who actually succeed and there are those who regularly post on facebook inspirational quotes. As the wife of any adequate and strong man will choose the first, not the second. Personal relevance and realizovanna each partner strengthens the relationship and serves as a kind of insurance against petty squabbles and empty. With it, he simply amazing sex. Okay, the sex - not the most important thing in life, but it is important. This does not mean that without exception all the guys are looking for a sex goddess, they just need sexual compatibility.

She realizes that he - not perfect, but it works on himself. Be indulgent to detail - after all, nobody is perfect. Yes, we can be terse, stubborn and obnoxious, but that does not mean that we are not ready to change.

It shares its values ​​and ideals, knows that even if you quarrel, it will not be the last straw. This is important to the wedding, and then, especially with the advent of children, it becomes even more important. If a child realizes that his parents do not have a common point of view on anything serious, then quickly learn to manipulate your weaknesses. That's when everyone will not joking!

It always surprises him, changing and taking on new challenges in life. There are people who seem to be very interesting at first, but get to know them, you know, they just tell the same three stories in a circle. And there are those that are open every day for you with a new, unknown side. A girl who knows how to combine the many roles and roles to remain unsolved, and therefore interesting for a man his life. She confidently expresses his opinion. The ability to voice their wants and needs is important - usually girls think that we guess what they want and then get disappointed if it does not happen. By the way, this simple skill greatly simplifies life in pair and minimizes the number of fights.

She wants to know him and grow together with them. Yes, we too sentimental and dreams of a long and eventful life adventures with the best girl in the world.