Strange and unusual testament celebrities

Talented people to be creative to everything, even to their own wills. Some celebrities have expressed quite unusual, and sometimes very strange dying wish.

Strange and unusual testament celebrities

Charlie Chaplin and a million very clever smoker

Comedian, 1889-1977

Strange and unusual testament celebrities

One of the most fun wills left behind actor Charlie Chaplin. The famous comedian has promised a million dollars to anyone who can let his mouth five rings of smoke and skip through them one more, the sixth. The task was almost impossible. At least, until now no one has been able to do so.

Frank Sinatra and a bottle of whiskey in the last journey of

Musician and actor, 1915-1998

Strange and unusual testament celebrities

Almost all of his inheritance Frank Sinatra left his fourth and final wife, Barbara Marx model. But apart from that, the singer wanted to put in his coffin a bottle of whiskey, a lighter and 10 cents, "in case you need to make an urgent call." All the artist desires have been met, and on the tomb the artist wrote: "All the best to come."

Alain Delon and death with the dog in his arms

The actor, 82 years old

Strange and unusual testament celebrities

In the beginning of this year in an interview with the French weekly Paris Match, Alain Delon said he wanted to die with his sheepdog Lubo. "If he dies before me, I hope it will not take another dog. But in case I die before, ask the vet that he gave him an injection and he died in my arms. I prefer to do it, not to know that he would die on my grave, suffering, "- said the actor. By the way, 35 Delon deceased pets are buried in the garden of his house, and every dog ​​- his tombstone.

Kim Kardashian and make-up for the funeral of

Reality TV star, 38 years old

Strange and unusual testament celebrities

Kim has also taken care of his will. Legacy it has not yet divided, but about their appearance during the funeral of thought. Kardashian has thought of his posthumous bow down to the smallest detail. In his will written all stars: styling, make-up, clothing, color of nail polish. "What if I'm in such a bad state that can not even talk, let alone articulate their desires? I want my makeup was impeccable, as well as hair and manicure. I dream to look perfect in a coffin, "- says Kim.

Oprah Winfrey and $ 30 million for dogs

TV presenter, 64 years old

Strange and unusual testament celebrities

Oprah Winfrey - the famous lover of dogs. Therefore, Oprah decided that half of her estate will receive charitable funds and the other half will get her pets. Now Oprah's four dogs, and in the case of the favorite mistress of death, they will share the $ 30 million.

Alexander McQueen and £ 50 000 for dogs

Designer, 1969-2010

Strange and unusual testament celebrities

The main part of the state, namely 16,036,500 pounds sterling, McQueen gave to charity. By £ 250 thousand were three sisters and two brothers McQueen, for £ 50,000 - a godson and nephews. 50 thousand got also two domestic helpers - Marlene and Cesar Garcia, who had long worked for fashion designer. But besides this, the designer also bequeathed £ 50,000 to his three dog called Minter, Juice and Callum. The document, signed by McQueen, said that he would like to provide their dogs with everything necessary to end their lives.

Marilyn Monroe and all their goods in one hand

Actress, 1926-1962

Strange and unusual testament celebrities

Monroe, whose death is shrouded in conspiracy theories, almost all of his possessions, including even underwear, bequeathed to his teacher for Acting Lee Strasberg. Marilyn personal belongings were stored in the garage of the actor before his own death in 1982. When Lee died, his wife sold at auction Monroe inheritance, having gained a minimum of $ 20 million.