How to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the journey

• How to maintain a healthy lifestyle in travel

Maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are at home, not too difficult. You go to the gym, eat healthy food and taking vitamins. But if you have to leave on a business trip or vacation, good habits disappear somewhere. Tasty, but unhealthy food in the room, no gym, jet lag - you can find a lot of reasons to forget what to do at home. But there are ways to adjust all and even enjoy it!

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the journey

1. Let the hotel will be the second home of

The new place is not everyone can sleep well on the first night because of the new experiences and subconscious willingness to external threats. But you can convince yourself that familiar place! Take a light blanket or a photo of family members - something that reminds you of home. If you come to a town a few times, it is better to settle in a hotel or an apartment, they will move quickly into the category of familiar locations.

2. Prepare for the time difference

Your internal clock is set to life in a familiar time zone, and if there are two in the morning, and in the morning a new place, you difficult to readjust. Experts recommend that instead of sleeping at an inopportune time to make a run to new places or work out in the gym. Then the force will be more, and will not want to sleep. It is also very important to drink plenty of water, especially if you're at high altitude.

3. Stick evening habits

When you travel the night sometimes devoted to a late dinner, habits and communication. But it is important not to forget to sleep and put the number of hours to do before going to bed the same as usual: take a shower, to read, to call my mother and all the other little things that do not pay attention at home.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables

The travel is particularly important to keep the body in good shape. Combined with plenty of fluids and exercise it gives a sense of what a healthy lifestyle, you brought with you.

5. Do not deprive yourself of the joys of

Written above does not mean that on arrival in the city with great food you have to eat chicken and green salad. But unknown to abuse (and to the same high-calorie) food is not worth not to break established habits. You can make it a reward for good performance workout or eat in the morning, rather than at bedtime.