The players who have been behind bars

Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev - not the first football stars find themselves in custody. We remembered other famous athletes with previous convictions.

The players who have been behind bars

Eduard Streltsov

USSR, 1937-1990

The players who have been behind bars

The Legend of the Moscow "Torpedo", Streltsov began his career at 16 years old. Two years later, he became the top scorer of the USSR championship in 19 years - the Olympic champion. And the next year, Eduard Streltsov was jailed on charges of raping a 20-year-old Marina Lebedeva. She wrote on May footballer statement after a night spent in the company of his friends in the country. Streltsov evidence of guilt was not enough. All the guys and girls at the party were heavily drunk and could not tell exactly what happened, but the examination confirmed the connection Lebedeva and Streltsov. The athlete was sentenced to 12 years - there are versions that the reason for the sentence were political persecution athlete. As a result, Streltsov was imprisoned for 5 years, he was released on parole and returned to the sport.

Diego Maradona

Argentina, 57 years old

The players who have been behind bars

In spite of the numerous problems with the law (drugs, fights, accidents, problems with taxes), the famous football kicker was not real time, but in prison Maradona yet visited. In 1991, the athlete was arrested for possession of cocaine, but he spent in prison only 4 days, leaving a large deposit. Later, Diego Maradona received a suspended sentence. 4 years later, football again brought before the court - for an attack on the people. Maradona decided to disperse the paparazzi outside his house with the help of ... air rifle. The prosecution requested for football 4 years in prison, but he again escaped with probation.

Paolo Rossi

Italy, 62 years old

The players who have been behind bars

In 1979, Rossi has spent several months in prison for aiding bookmakers. Footballer agreed to tie in a contractual match between his team, "Perugia" and the club "Avellino".

René Higuita

Colombia, 52

The players who have been behind bars

Higuita - a star not only sports, but also the criminal world. Footballer worked mediator between Pablo Escobar and Carlos Molina, the major drug lords of Colombia. In 1993, Higuita was responsible for the release of kidnapped daughter Molina. The athlete gave the ransom and delivered the baby boss, which violated the law: the deal with the kidnappers is aiding kidnapping. Rene spent 7 months in jail awaiting trial, but he did not produce any charges and released.

George Best

Ireland, 1946-2005

The players who have been behind bars

Best struggled with alcoholism all independent life, but rarely emerged victorious. In 1984, Best was arrested for drunk driving and assaulting a police officer. In prison footballer he spent three months, including Christmas. Unfortunately, this story is not sobered Best. In 2002, Best underwent a liver transplant, but continued to drink after the operation. After three years it did not become a footballer.

Tony Adams

England, 52 years old

The players who have been behind bars

Another article for drunk driving - the Englishman Tony Adams. In 1991, he was sentenced to 4 months. After 7 years, the football player managed to beat alcoholism.

Joey Barton

England, 36 years old

The players who have been behind bars

During his life, football gave dozens of fights, but rewind time only for one. In 2008, Barton served 2 to 5 months for drunken brawl with passers-by in the center of Liverpool.

Mickey Thomas

United Kingdom, 64 years old

The players who have been behind bars

In 1993, the footballer has worked with counterfeiters, merging small fake bills to their coaches and colleagues. However, to make it really could not - Miki tied almost immediately. In prison footballer spent 1, 5 years. Back to Thomas failed in the sport. 40 years he played for amateur teams, and then began to comment on the matches on television and radio.