Stories trolling from classical writers

Writers - the same people, like everyone else, only literary gifted, or even brilliant. Some of them loved to make fun of your friends, strangers, friends and literary critics. In our time, these writers could even become famous as a well-deserved trolls.

Stories trolling from classical writers

muslin master Alexander Pushkin

The most scandalous hoax Alexander Pushkin gave during his exile to the south, in Ekaterinoslav (now the Ukrainian city of the Dnieper, in the Soviet era - Dnepropetrovsk). Governor Shermot could not miss the chance and invited the famous poet have lunch with all local noble color.

Not very fond of officials and those in power, Pushkin said at a dinner in muslin, transparent, almost as polyethylene trousers, without any underwear, and not even covering their shame shirt floors. Society was shocked. Nothing strange not to notice only the mistress of the house, a very short-sighted Mrs Shemiot. Another lady, Mrs. Fadeeva, quietly advised her to lead the young daughters of a living room.

Stories trolling from classical writers

The hostess very first did not want to believe in muslin trousers poet and assuring that seems Fadeyeva and trousers in the most ordinary Pushkin, just beige. But looking more closely, still he took her daughters, and the whole evening Pushkin behaved as if nothing had happened. Fortunately, Sheriot turned nemstitelnym, and the poet never suffered for his trick.

The bomb from Chekhov

Once Chekhov with journalist Gilyarovski bought pickled watermelon, wrapped in a thick gray paper. But the paper became soak barely took Chekhov purchase in hand. It was cold, wet from watermelon instantly froze fingers. Giljarovsky took his watermelon, but also could not keep long. Put it was absolutely nowhere, and Giljarovsky, after all, said that now throw a watermelon. Chekhov said that one should not throw when you can give the police, let him eat. Giljarovsky called a policeman, and when he came up, handed him a watermelon with the words: "In you go, just be careful ..." The journalist wanted to warn that watermelon flows, but it was ahead of Chekhov dramatically whispered: "... be careful, it's a bomb! Bring her to the police station! "

Stories trolling from classical writers

The poor policeman horror teeth chattered, but he gently took the watermelon and carried it gently, like a baby, in the direction of the plot. It is hoped that the joke quickly exposed, otherwise a lot of people got a fright that night in vain.

Not the best draw of Maxim Gorky

Once Maxim Gorky, who considered devastating article of one of his constant criticism is very unfair, asked Vladimir Khodasevich help him this critique play: to print in "Conversation" two stories Gorky, but one of them - under the name "Sizov." Gorky wanted to catch the criticism that he again swear at the famous writer and praised his own story, but under a different name. As a result, critic defeated both authors.

And here came to visit Andrew Sobol, who read the same stories, very praised Gorky, and then added: "But some of the Sizova vain you typed. Awful stuff. " Later Gorky asked Khodasevich Sobol not explain what this Sizov this: "And then we will be ashamed of each other, like two naked nuns."

Stories trolling from classical writers


Guy de Maupassant - not only fornicators, but eater

As a French novelist Guy de Maupassant, famous, apart from literature, mainly his irrepressible lust, he asked to borrow a friend's doctor just amputated human leg. That leg, he then showed the guests, saying that orders are now fry the meat - and sent to the kitchen.

Later on the table really served roasted meat. While Maupassant ate and praised, indicating that it is, they say, on what does not seem to guests barely struggled with nausea and tried to figure out whether the famous writer in the hospital for the insane, or until take it specifically for meat people do not divides, could be forgiven for such strangeness. Then, of course, it turned out that his leg was buried, and on the table was served pork.

Stories trolling from classical writers

Obituaries, which was not

Mark Twain loved to write in various newspaper articles to dispel rumors about his death (rumors, noting that no one never heard of). The joke so tortured the editors that they were added to the end of the message, "Sorry".

Vain search for

One night in Balzac Apartment thief entered and began to break the lock in a desk drawer - in a place often keep the money. Suddenly, in the dark, there was laughter.

- My dear, you risk nothing, trying to find a night that I can not find even in daylight - said, not even attempting to move the writer. Confused thief had to leave. By the way, not the fact that there was nothing to steal, but Balzac very much genuinely amused.

Ode to General Grant

Mark Twain was invited to a banquet in honor of General Grant, and was asked to give a speech. It did not come out so much ceremony: - The future of the United States is so far in the three or four million cradles.

One of them is a child who will one day become a great military leader. Now, perhaps, he is making a strategic effort trying to stuff it into his mouth big toe. 56 years ago, General Grant was trying to take the same operation ...

That same evening, Twain wrote in his diary: "Presented to General Grant. I said that he was happy to meet him, he said he could not boast the same. "

Stories trolling from classical writers

Bunin was killed!

Once Chekhov, already very sick, walked with Bunin Evening Yalta. Passing by a house, writers have noticed two female silhouette. Seeing them, Chekhov aloud, deliberately surprise said:

- Have you heard, Bunin killed ?! Slaughtered in a Tatar!

Bunin opened his mouth, but Chekhov immediately whispered:

- Shut up! Tomorrow the murder Bunin will speak the whole Yalta!

Well, Ivan Alekseevich was glad that he had heard the gossip about himself the first.