The most important thing from the book "French rules of healthy eating"

• The most important thing from the book "French rules of healthy eating"

The most important thing from the book

The book is the French surgeon, oncologist and nutritionist Henri Zhuayo "Shanegez d'Alimentation" ( "Change the food") takes in France the first among books on nutrition, although it seems that the French system of power has been written everything. But no, because the book is called "The French rules for a healthy diet," invites readers to think not only about the food, but first of all about his life. Matthew collected 10 top tips of the most discussed books of France.

1. It is necessary to eat at least five fruits or vegetables a day. Only 400 g, it is not hard to do. Without much effort, you can even increase the dose to 700 grams per day. With these products we have water, sugar, especially fructose, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, dietary fiber, in addition, they give a feeling of fullness, not allowing us to eat too much of anything else.

2. It is known that sugar + fat + alcohol in excessive use increases the risk of breast cancer, uterus and prostate. In particular, it is proved that an excess of spirits or wines often contributes to breast cancer. 4% of cases of breast cancer associated with alcohol use (especially due to the habit of spirits, such as whiskey, gin, vodka), however, one glass of red wine for each meal is completely safe (except during pregnancy).

3. Maintaining physical activity - an excellent way of preventing all kinds of cancer. It reduces excess fat tissue, improves liver function, increases muscle mass, helps to remove sweat pesticides, we get breathing, eating, or through the skin, and finally normalizes regenerative sleep. 4. Olive oil rich in oleic acid, - the basic type of fat in the Mediterranean diet, which use just due to the high content of monounsaturated acids. The consumption of polyphenols reduces the incidence of cancer and mortality from coronary heart disease. It phenols define "therapeutic" properties of the oil. The greatest amount of phenols is contained in the virgin olive oil, but not in its refined form. Polyphenols contained in food have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

The most important thing from the book

5. No need to overload the stomach too. In the evening, a light meal preferably one or two pieces of fruit, green salad, dressed with olive oil, a couple of slices of dried bread, a little almond. Careful with that cheese made from cow's milk. Do not use them more than once a day; they may contain 10% saturated fat. Fruit curds and yogurts often contain too much sugar. Do not overeat sugary desserts, cakes. Use them no more than once a day. Do not drink more than five pieces of sugar a day. It is best to settle for sugar contained in fresh fruits and honey. "

6. At a temperature not exceeding 95 ° C, can prepare any food, ranging from simple to complex. This method does not take much time, it does not cause an unpleasant smell, which occurs due to changes in the product structure, retains its natural flavor. Dishes, which are generally considered difficult to stomach, absorbed more easily if they are steamed. Often, they are suitable for those who suffered in the normal conditions of their intolerance. When cooking on a soft pair of vitamin loss is minimal. After cooking in boiling water for the loss of vitamin C is 55%, if you are cooking for a couple - no more than 30%. 7. The risk of breast and ovarian cancer in nursing mothers is lower if breastfeeding lasted for at least six months. In addition, it counts the number of children and age at first pregnancy period - about 26 years. Every child feeding which lasted from three to six months, reduces the chance of breast cancer by 8%. If a woman is at risk of breast cancer, we confidently recommend longer breastfeeding - from 12 to 24 months. This can reduce the risk by 50% compared to other women with the same risk factors.

8. Today, careful treatment requires not only our planet is suffering from pollution. It is obvious that our bodies are also needed eco-friendly living conditions that at least suggests a healthy diet, fresh air, physical activity and intellectual activity in line with our inclinations. Medicines need when we are seriously ill. But now they need to actively imposed on healthy people and physicians as a means of prevention. Of course, we do not question the compulsory vaccinations. But we should remember that any drug intended for the treatment of a disease, but it also has side effects.

The most important thing from the book

9. Lack of sleep duration may lead to obesity in both children and adults, so each person should sleep at least 8 hours a day.

10. National program of healthy eating in France recommends including bread and flour products at each meal. They are a source of vegetable protein and complex carbohydrates, essential, in particular, the muscles and brain. Nutrient composition of bread can be varied, including, depending on the degree of grinding flour. The whole grain flour contains more protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins B and carotenoids. So whether you want to give up those nutrients that we get with the bread? According to Steven Laurence Kaplan, white bread - one of the "main reasons for the deterioration of public health." The glycemic index of bread volume is inversely proportional to its mass. When using sourdough bread is a more dense, it is also more organic acid produced by the presence of lactic acid bacteria, but because it has the lowest glycemic index. Another advantage of sourdough bread - longer shelf life. Moreover, thanks to leaven gluten improved tolerability because proteolysis process starts (which promote protease sourdough micro-organisms). Finally, sourdough acidity favors the absorption of minerals in the digestive tract