10 film premieres autumn 2018

10 film premieres autumn 2018

The new release movies the director of "La La Land", screenwriter "Arrhythmias" and kicker Gaspar Noe

In cinemas - films from Cannes, Venice and Toronto. The rental has finally come full-length project, "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" (on its creation director Terry Gilliam has worked for almost 30 years) and "Bohemian Rhapsody" (about the project first began in 2010).

"Predator" / The Predator

He was released in rent September 13

Directed by Shane Black knew the alien monster long before the shoot "Kiss, Bang Bang" and "Iron Man 2". Black's acting debut took place during the shooting of the first film of the "Predator," where he played a radio operator Hawkins of Datca team (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Thirty years later, he re-established the "Predator" with humor, lots of monsters and is rated R. In the new "Predator" alien hunter arrives on Earth is not alone, but with a couple of friends and pets. Deal with the predators have learned and intrepid squad of marines.

"The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" / The Man Who Killed Don Quixot e

Release Date: September 27

The saga of Don Quixote took 30 years of life Terry Gilliam. The idea of ​​the film adaptation of netlenki Cervantes came to the director at the end of 1980, but a small budget forced Gilliam to leave the project. Ten years, he rewrote the script and the cast is constantly changing, from Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor to Jean Rochefort, who also left the unpromising film. As a result, Gilliam found a replacement for all but himself. In the role of Don Quixote was made by British actor Jonathan Pryce and his Sancho Panza became Adam Driver. "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" closed the Cannes Film Festival is not without scandal: the producers tried to take away the rights of the director. In late September, the audience will have the opportunity to see the film of all life Terry Gilliam.

"The Heart of the World"

Release Date: September 27

Natalia Meschaninova - writer "Arrhythmias" and director of "Works of Hope" - took a picture holding the top prize in the "Kinotavr". The plot revolves around the center of Egor (Stepan Devotin), working veterinarian pritravochnoy station in the middle of vast forests. Training hunting dogs in a natural environment has long been a reason for fighting hunters and animal rights. And insulation Yegor hastened to the family, for which he works. In addition to the Grand Prix of the festival "Kinotavr" film won the Cannes Best Actor Award and a prize of the Guild of Film Critics.

"Venom" / Venom

Release Date: October 4,

Sony is going to release a few superhero movies with minimal cinematic Marvel universe. "Venom" - a picture of an antihero who became a journalist Eddie Brock after the merger with the alien parasite. Spider-Man, contrary to the face and charisma of Tom Hardy is going to be really dark and frightening. The only doubt that director Ruben Fleischer is not the most obvious choice for a superhero movie. His track record has hit "Zombieland," a pair of teen comedies and straight gangster thriller.

In Russian rolled film will be released a day earlier than in the US, and will present a picture of Tom Hardy in person.

"Black klanovets" / BlacKkKlansman

Release Date: October 4,

Two years ago, Spike Lee received an honorary "Oscar". But a new status that has changed little in the director's career. He wanted to make the real story of the introduction of African-American police officer in the Ku Klux Klan. Posing as your name Detective Ron Stallworth calls an ad in the local newspaper and the head of the organization is asking for an appointment. Salvort convinces partner Jewish Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), and pretend they know what kind of things are happening in this dubious group. The action takes place in the 1970s, when African Americans were massively for their rights, and the ultra-right organizations end their existence. Spike Lee personal attitude to the current situation has made the film hilariously funny and topical in the United States. The world premiere of "Black klanovtsa" was held at the Cannes Film Festival, which brought the film Grand Prix of the jury and the Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury.

"Man on the Moon" / First Man

Release Date: October 11

The new picture of Damien Shazella almost won the main Oscar for "La La Land" opened the Venice Film Festival and went on their way to the main award in Toronto. Shazell took a big Hollywood movie about the national hero astronaut Neil Armstrong. Starring involved Ryan Gosling, who will have to choose between the dream of space and family. Grandiloquent film Shazella may lead to new categories.

"Brothers Sisters" / The Sisters Brothers

Release Date: October 11

Unexpected English-language debut for Frenchman Jacques Audiard and immediately western. Audiard known famous by the paintings "The Prophet" and "dip", last won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival. "Brothers Sisters" entered the competition of the festival in Venice and earned the Silver Lion for Best Director. Cast Ever Brothers Sisters - Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly. They play headhunters and during one of the tasks faced by a gold-digger (Jake Gyllenhaal), who will find the treasure and outwit the brothers.

"Ecstasy" / Climax

Release Date: October 11

Aspar Noah once again decided to test the strength of the viewer. Last picture of the French provocateur "Love" is not released in cinemas in Russia, calling it too pornographic. "Ecstasy" will talk about the graduation in dance school, where a lot of music, happy graduates and sea sangria. But not in a parallel reality, Gaspar Noé, where one sangria is not finished. Noah loves to shoot the little-known actors, for the majority of the crew "Ecstasy" - film debut. The main role went to Sofia Boutell that everyone noticed after "The Mummy" and "The explosive blonde."

"The girl who got stuck in a web of" / The Girl in the Spider's Web

Release Date: November 8

A series of Stieg Larsson about hakershu Lisbeth Salander returns to the screens. After director David Fincher's seat took the Uruguayan filmmaker Federico Alvarez, responsible for the horror "The Evil Dead: The Black Book" and "do not breathe." In the role of Lisbeth Salander hakershi - Claire Foy, best known for the TV series "Crown" and the thriller Soderbega "Not in itself." Journalist Mikael Blomkvist (version Fincher - Daniel Craig) will play Swedish actor Sverrir Gudnason, once its Nordic temperament in tennis drama "Borg / McEnroe." In the film, a hacker and a journalist are corrupt officials to disclose and investigate cybercrime.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" / Bohemian Rhapsody

Release Date: November 1,

Biopic about Freddie Mercury - lead singer of the legendary band Queen was waiting in the wings for eight long years. At first I was playing the main role, then in the process of filming the director Bryan Singer was fired for inappropriate behavior on the site. British actor Dexter Fletcher burned project and undertook to finish the picture. Freddie Mercury played by actor Rami Malek Coptic origin, the show face "Mr. Robot." The film tells about the life of Freddie Mercury and how he led Queen's to the status of the most famous rock bands in the world. After the release of the film will be released collection of Queen songs on vinyl discs, and even tape. The world premiere will take place at Wembley Stadium, where in 1985 Queen have collected 72 thousand spectators.